Mandalorian and Star Wars 9 Trailers

Disney D23 dropped new Mandalorian and Star Wars Rise of Skywalker trailers. They look pretty good. Star Wars 9 looks like it will have many changes. Changes were clearly needed to win back fans. It remains to be seen how efficiently the changes can be weaved into a satisfying movie.

Written By Christina Wong,

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  1. The movies are like a product of over excited children who just wanted to include all their thoughts and mix it up. No control, maturity, and agree with everyone, a story telling and developing of the story in a mature way. These films are quality in league with children production and too much effort into over sentimentality and dramaticism. Put some serious and mature director back in the seat like we saw 1960s to batman 2005 by Chris Nolan.

  2. Every time someone comes up with a word that means “not metaphorically, but according to the actual meaning of the word” that word remains useful for a generation or two until everyone starts using it metaphorically, and then a new word is required.

    “Really”, used to mean “in reality, not metaphorical”, now means “I want to emphasize it”

    “Very”, used to mean “as a verified fact, not metaphorical”, now means “I want to emphasize it”

    “literally”, used to mean “as written (ie. literature), not metaphorical”, now means “I want to emphasize it”

  3. Natural selection decided. Characteristics that are poorly adapted to the current environment are less likely to survive. Same thing happened to words like “literally” and “decimate”.

  4. Mandalorian looks like it could be ok – largely because it is not shackled to the characters-must-never-die main story. (I’m expecting to see Han and Luke again in SW9; and of course Palpatine isn’t really dead – if Vader can come back as a good ghost, Palpatine can come back as an evil ghost.)

    SW 1-9 is the extended story of the Skywalker family; Kylo is Leia’s son, so Rey must be Luke’s daughter. Complaints about her being a ‘Mary Sue’ character are justified from an objective evaluation of the story, but this IS a story about a super-powered family. Might as well complain that Superman is overpowered – true, but that’s his story.

  5. Providing all the businesses that adopt these bizarre hate-filled philosophies go broke quickly then it will be a good clean out of the nutcases.

    It’s if they decline slowly enough to infect others with their ideas before demonstrating them as self destructive that the poison can spread.

  6. The original Star Wars was basically a mash-up of films George Lucas grew up with. The Republic/Empire stuff from Roman epics, WWII-style dogfights, Buck Rogers/Flash Gordon space opera, plus Kurosawa’s samurai movies. 

    The Han/Ben exchange about light sabers was largely an in-joke riffing on early Meiji era samurai looking down their noses at how guns had supplanted swords as the weapon of choice. Do that in a space opera setting and you have laser guns supplanting laser swords. 

    It was never really meant to make a whole lot of sense as an actual technological progression and in trying to envision the world of Kenobi’s youth the prequels mostly just drove home how silly it really was. (Same story really with the droids as stand-ins for Roman slave laborers, e.g. Luke’s uncle needing a “protocol droid” to talk to the irrigation system.)

  7. Fantastic the SJWs have taken over Stars Wars. They will soon change the name into STAR Debate. Then in the previous episode somehow the all female bridge is blown away and miraculously the female hero flies through vacuum back to the ship without any air or propulsion. But that is not all folks, WITHOUT training the new female Jedi is able to take on everyone and win. Then the bad guy who wears a mask for no reason except he wants to look like Darth Vader who had to wear the mask to breathe. So fans, now question, how is the new female Jedi able to shoot three enemy fighters down with one shot from a pistol. Then the empire sends hundreds of star destroyers as if they have unlimited manufacturing and funds. And why would they need hundreds when they own the empire? Yep SJWs have take over and this franchise has turned to Sh-te.

    Not to worry Thor has now been replaced with a delicate female actor Natalie Portman. This is after Gillette wrote of $5,000,000,000 is customer recognition value after a female director make a WOKE video showing men as asshole sexual predictors and ignoring beaten children etc. Yes that was another brilliant move.

  8. Until Disney decides to acknowledge their mistakes and ritually sacrifice Rian Johnson, I hold little hope for their efforts.

    I mean, seriously, a couple dozen huge plot holes, a stupid premise (big ships no can catch little ships but little ships cannot escape).

    Terrible command decisions across the board. And a good third of the movie having zero effect on the story line.

    Then the Luke Skywalker travesty.

    Sacrificing Johnson is still too little. They need to cut half the movie, add another half an hour of new footage, then sell it as the “non-directors cut.” They would probably make more money than they did the first time around.

  9. Sir, I couldn’t agree more! All Disney is interested in, is making money. They don’t care at all about Star Wars, if it makes sense, about the story, the characters, etc. They totally messed it up, and now they want to bring back old characters, because their new ones suck. It’s really a pathetic sh*tshow and I will not give them one cent of my money any more for any of their SW movies.

  10. Chewbacca had a sex change halfway through Empire Strikes Back.

    The pheromones Ms Chewie is giving off now have 17% more aromatic hydrocarbons in them.

    Which none of the stupid humans noticed. As is typical for them with their transphobic microaggressions.

  11. Now, now.
    The Jedi weren’t soldiers. The Jedi were basically cops. To be precise more of a secret police political enforcement group.

    Hence the light sabers. Light sabers are a close up, one-on-one weapon that is optimized to not cause any collateral damage or hit any bystanders. While still be a devastating close quarters weapon or tool.

    They are the equivalent of a police baton. Not the equivalent of a battlefield weapon.

    They were a cop weapon optimized over a millennia during which nobody else was fighting at all, so there was no gunfights or anything.

    Then, as society started to break down people reinvented weapons. Though as we can see the “blasters” they came up with were far inferior to say a 19th century revolver, and are often used along with stuff like crossbows.

    Hence why the lightsabers are seen as out-of-date. “An elegant weapon from a more civilized age.”

  12. Yeah, thanks Disney. This sequel trilogy is ruined anyways, not even the best movie ever could save it now. Episodes 7 and 8 had no direction or over-arching storyline. Lol, the directors weren’t even communicating with each other! The story made therefore no sense whatsoever, instead they were focusing on pushing some nice woke identity politics, because you know, that’s much better than a good story. Disney has with its lack of vision, lack of good story-writing, lack of interesting characters, totally destroyed Star Wars. I was always a die hard Star Wars fan, but this trailer doesn’t even create any emotion whatsoever in me. I am totally indifferent. RIP Star Wars 1977-2005 (last good star wars movie).

  13. Agreed 100%. This new trilogy is a total mess, a total disaster without any storytelling direction and without any interesting new worlds, characters or anything for that matter. They totally ruined the franchise with their idiotic focusing on identitiy politics instead of trying to write great stories. RIP Star Wars 1977-2005. And people criticised the prequels lol. They at least had some great stories and were very innovative. Far superior to Disneys lazy cashgrab.

  14. Isn’t it finally time to admit that hand-to-hand combat, or even space-fighter plane combat, is an obsolete concept since the early 2000s when drones started replacing that? Actually, Star Wars was dated from the very beginning, if it’s really supposed to represent some sort of futuristic society. They had drones all along, but somehow the Empire and Rebels both sought to send fragile humans and other creatures into lethal space to do battle when drones could do it much more efficiently and without loss of life.
    As for Jedi “honor” and other such nonsense. Please…
    Armies fight to win, not to preserve honor. At least the ones that actually win do.
    I’m sure there’s a role for heroes somewhere, but with light sabers? Ha…

  15. F disneys garbage fan fic! Half the trailer is cuts from previous movies! As if to taunt us, remeber when you CARED about the characters? Jar Jar Abrams is a hack and a disgrace. He and disney have brought about the demise of the greatest movie franchise in history within a decade. I didnt see TLJ, or solo, and I wont give them money for recutting the first 6 movies and injecting them with some Mary Sue trash. THE EMPORER DIED AND YOU SAID THE EU WAS NO LONGER CANNON, SO NO CLONES OF HIM!!!!!!

  16. Everyone complaining about the movies…

    I’m still upset that “dropped” now means “is available” instead of “is no longer available”.
    Who decided to reverse that meaning?

  17. My biggest issue with Disney is still that it retconned Dark Forces, Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors and Mara Jade. I’m pretty sure that SOMEONE in Disney would have gotten rid of Thrawn, too, if they had been able to. Thank goodness they were forced to keep him (they weren’t really forced to keep him, I just like saying that so I feel more in control of my Star Wars Life lol).

  18. Get woke go broke. Disney ruined RUINED the franchise. Even JarJar could not do as much damage as Disney’s decision to turn Star Wars into Social Justice Warrior Wars. “The Political Correctness is strong in this one.” If companies would focus on telling great stories instead of religious programming for the woke crowd, they could win back fans and make money (ugg capitalism).

  19. Lets face it the best part about starwars was the universe created OUTSIDE the movies.

    Disney when they got it literally just retconed that and have made the most illogical yet childish movies I’ve ever seen.

  20. I’m super confused. Does the trailer for Episode 9 consist of 80% footage from previous films? Because that is a bad sign.

    Almost makes me think that the rumors of the Death Star being a horcrux for the Emperor’s soul and that he will be killed by Kylo who is Ressurrected by ghost Luke are true.

    Making a nostalgia trailer a few months before the movie lands is a sure sign that the movie can’t stand on its own.

  21. Star Wars was an “Effects Movie” that did much better than expected (because the effects were fabulous). Empire Strikes back did that but also managed a far better story. Afterwards, effects became less and less of a selling point. Does Disney have the ability to tell a creative story? Most of its business model is running with known properties through well-worn tropes for people who like said tropes. The modern cinematic version of romance novel fans. The SF community tends to be more demanding, wanting less trope and more Deep Setting. I don’t think Disney’s creative stable is up to that.

  22. That Skywalker story died a long time ago, right after Lucas said it is over and done. The rest has been meh, at best, and steeply down from there. And every time they show the senile pricess (especially free flying in space), or another blast from the past, they lose people.

    The Mandalorian is an interesting prospect. Jango was interesting, because Lucas made him interesting. I hope the story of a blaster-happy jarhead living dangerously on the edge in the Jedi-free part of the galaxy cannot be messed up too much even by the overpaid clowns that write and fund those “Star Wars, Episode Wait Don’t Switch the Channel” stories.

  23. Star Wars had a funny history. Starting as a fresh take of the hero’s journey in space in the 70s, mostly adored by kids and youngsters, it developed or reaffirmed a taste for sci/fi in many of them, who grew up and later became important writers and creators.

    The old EU had people of considerable talent and intelligence writing for it. And George Lucas just let it be, but never did anything to move the movie’s universe forward until Episode I, where the franchise and its author showed that Star Wars fans really had outgrown their cherished franchise in terms of intellectual sophistication.

    Later he sold it to people that never really cared that much about the original movie’s spirit, or were never part of the wave of enthusiast creators that grew and matured with it and made some parts of the old EU really good.

    Curiously it still is mostly a children’s fantasy, just one without any pretension of scientific verisimilitude. As long as you don’t seek that, you’d still be fine watching it. But the old Star Wars is no more.

  24. bah, it looks more and more without a motivation, apart make money, money..
    without soul, whitout freshness, much money, but dead.. 
    I remember cleary the fascination of “the Empire Strikes Back”, wow, were the ’80s, incredibly fresh!

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