Most of the Brazil Fires are Controlled Slash and Burn Farming Fires

Most of the fires in Brazil were likely set by farmers preparing the land for next year’s planting. This is common farming method said the scientists from the University of Maryland. The fires are burning on agricultural land where the forest had already been cleared. Brazil’s National Institute of Space Research calculated that there were 35 percent more fires so far this year than in the average of the last eight years. There were far fewer fires than the average in 2003-2010.

Three are satellite grid of maps that show the month-by-month pattern of fires across the Amazon rain forest in Brazil each year since 2001. There is an increase in fires every August to October when farmers begin planting soybean and corn.

NASA confirms the uptick in Amazon fire activity.

SOURCES- NASA, NY Times, Earth Observatory NASA
Written by Broan Wang,

18 thoughts on “Most of the Brazil Fires are Controlled Slash and Burn Farming Fires”

  1. here Maria do Rosario arguing with Sergio Moro, the judge that put several white collar criminals and politicians behind bars.

    Obviously, as a defender of all sorts of lowly criminals, it wouldnt be different in her wanting to defend the master criminal, ex president and master corrupt Lula

  2. If that’s what happened then I’d say Rogerpenna’s summary is valid.
    She started it, he gave back as good as he got.

  3. And?… all brazilian political parties seem to be “social democratic”(btw never seen so many left-wing/labour/socialist parties in a single country), it’s like claiming you replaced water with H2O. Nevertheless according to the link you provided, pro-government coalition won 59.26% of seats(majority) for the chamber of deputies and 65,43 for Federal Senate(also majority).

  4. Yes, the truth is that (Brazilian) Amazon deforestation is inversely proportional to Brazilian GDP growth. The most likely scenario is that he was trying to bring the Mercosur deal down, as you said, in order to protect French farmers’ interests, and tried to generate some factoid to stop the process. It didn’t work, and now he’s trying to spin things so he doesn’t look bad.

    It’s not particularly hard, the Brazilian president is very easy to be made to look bad, particularly since the Brazilian electorate is still very divided and there are many, many people who are only too eager to make him look bad.

  5. All of which is rather getting off the subject, as it isn’t France that is said to be on fire (this time).

  6. Well, first of all, I suppose you know that the Amazon is just that dark area on the northwest of Brazil.
    We can see a lot of red dots in Paraguay and Bolivia, as well as tons of fires in the Northeast Caatinga area (which is a desertic shrubs ecosystem)

    You seem to miss that these 10 years highs you mention are a small %, that in the first 3 years of the leftist Lula government, Amazon deforastation and burning reached record high…

    You also seem to miss Brazil is still trying to climb of the abyss of the worst economic crysis in the country since 1930, entirely to blame on the leftist PT 14 years of governement.

    And that this exact crysis has led the Federal Government to cut the budget of forest protection… along with education, health, infrastructure, EVERYTHING had budget cuts.

  7. Socialists say he is rightwinger. Conservatives say he is left winger.

    What we know is that he was from the Socialist Party, then became independent and his new party is center. (which is why it is bashed by left and right)

    I just told above that Macron himself says he is a Social Liberal and an Economic Liberal.

    Then I said that economic liberalism follow the Chicago School of Economics. Neo Liberalism.

    Is he really economic liberal? I do not know. It’s he who says it.

    French public polls show that the population thinks he is center right-right.

  8. You seemed to have missed that the ongoing fires are the most active in Brazil since the year 2010 is because the Amazon is getting cut down at a rate that is also a 10 year high (so they’re burning what they cut down)?

    Ignoring the root issue of illegal clearing of the Amazon seems pretty disingenuous to me.

  9. Yep. Politicians never get into these kinds of otherwise useless arguments without an agenda.

    Macron’s position in this always struck me as opportunistic.

  10. As Bolsonaro is a controversial extreme rightwinger, the left (moderate and specially the extreme left) will use ANYTHING to stain his mandate, even if it means staining the image of the country abroad, harming commercial interests and business.

    Below average fires? Doesn´t matter. let’s create a stir because when leftist deputy Maria do Rosario called him a rapist (in a debate where Bolsonaro wanted to decrease the age of responsability for crimes like rape), he answered by saying he wouldn´t rape her.

    So she is entitled to call him a rapist. But when he answered that, he was nothing but a mysoginistic pig.

    If he says natives must be integrated into brazilian society, the left will take that as meaning he wants to destroy them.

    As for Macron… he proclaims himself as being a social and economic liberal (neo-liberal in economics thus, which actually may mean “conservative” in many countries, as neo-liberal would be following the School of Chicago of Economics)

    But in this case, above all, what he wants is to diverge attention from internal problems and ABOVE ALL, to get the perfect excuse to get out of the Mercosur deal, which would reduce Europe tariffs and farming subsidies to Mercosur products, and generated lots of anger in France.

    If Brazil had started a mass mosquito extermination, he would try to use that as an excuse too.

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