Musk Promotes Nuke Mars T-Shirts

Elon Musk is promoting his plan to use nuclear bombs to melt the polar ice of Mars. A thermonuclear attack on Mars would use nuclear bombs vaporize the elements trapped in the ice and create a greenhouse effect.

Charlotte Philp calculated that the world’s current 14,000 nuclear weapons would only be enough to vaporize 1-2% of the Mars carbon dioxide ice.

Russia has 6500-8500 nuclear weapons and most of their weapons are larger than the US nuclear weapons. Russia missiles have historically been less accurate so Russia made up for it by using bigger nuclear weapons. Most of the Russia nuclear weapons are in the 400-600 kiloton range.

Elon Musk would want to partner with Russia for using nuclear bombs on Mars. Russia could make use nuclear bombs for a massive project Orion spaceship to take a massive cargo to Mars.

It would likely take 150,000 megatons to 200,000 megatons of nuclear devices to heat up Mars. Making a nuclear fission-fusion bomb factory on Mars would be more efficient than bringing 1 million to 2 million nuclear weapons. Mars would need to be surveyed to find the best Uranium deposits.

It would also be more efficient to build 100 megaton devices like the planned scale of the Tsar bomb rather than strategic nuclear devices in the 250 kiloton to 700 kiloton range.