Nine SpaceX Starlink Satellite Launches In Next Ten Months

SpaceX will launch two more Starlink satellite missions with current target dates of October 17 and November 4.

Fifty of the sixty Starlink satellites from the May 2019 launch are still in operation and remain in their intended orbits.

SpaceX will have seven Starlink launches in the first half of 2020. They will be part of 14 SpaceX launches in the first half of 2020.

This would put 540 Starlink Satellites into orbit by the middle of 2020 which should be enough for the start of commercial operations for the Starlink system. Starlink can begin offering commercial broadband services in northern US and southern Canada after 360 satellites are operating in orbit.

SpaceX plans to increase the Falcon launch frequency to 20 launches per year from LC-39A and up to 50 launches per year from LC-40 by the year 2024.

SpaceX plans to launch the Super Heavy Starship up to 24 times per year from LC-39A. This was reported in the environmental study for the Super-Heavy Starship.

6 thoughts on “Nine SpaceX Starlink Satellite Launches In Next Ten Months”

  1. Initial failure rates rarely hold.
    It’s a thing called “infant mortality”. When you start things up they often have a high failure rate at first as those that weren’t made quite right, or had some weakness, or were designed to fail, those all fail fairly quickly.
    Then you have a mid range life span where the failure rate is quite low. You’ve already weeded out all the flawed units.
    Then you reach the end of the life where parts are worn out and the failure rate goes up again until they are all dead.

  2. I thought I read a few of those 60 were designed to fail to test bringing them back into earth’s atmosphere.

  3. Does it matter that much? With these orbits they fall out of the sky pretty quickly. It is a simple cost/benefit.

  4. I think they will make a few extra satellites and learn from their mistakes as it directly effects SpaceX’s bottom line.

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