Real-Life Green Goblin Flies Hoverboard Across English Channel at Over 100 mph

French inventor Franky Zapata successfully flew across the English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard.

Zapata develops hydroelectric jet technologies and products.

This version used five small jet engines and Zapata carried kerosene in a backpack. It has 1500 horsepower. The 22-mile crossing took 20 minutes and reached speeds of over 100 mph. The flyboard costs about $250,000.

Flyboards and Jet Suits are bringing fictional superhero capabilities in to real-life. However, they only can last for 10-40 minutes.

Jet suits with wings could increase efficiency to enable one-hour flights.

They are not practical for most military purposes. However, there seems like there will be an extreme sports market and extreme racing competitions with both flyboards and jet suits.

Flyboards Compete With Flying Jet Suits from Gravity

Jet Suits have been made and combined with 3D printed Titanium. These are the closest to a real-life iron man or Titanium Man from the comics.

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