Tesla Next Generation Lithium Batteries vs Solid State Batteries from Everyone Else

Batteries for electric cars and trucks will become a $6 billion market with silicon added batteries and advanced lithium-ion batteries dominant until 2026 when solid-state batteries could become dominant.

Almost all car and truck makers are betting next-generation batteries will be solid state batteries except Tesla which is betting on dry electrode battery technology.

Tesla is also developing the advanced lithium ion batteries of Dalhousie University battery expert Jeff Dahn. Dahn has lithium ion batteries pouch cells in the lab that can outperform solid-state batteries.

Nature Energy – Long cycle life and dendrite-free lithium morphology in anode-free lithium pouch cells enabled by a dual-salt liquid electrolyte

Cells with lithium-metal anodes are viewed as the most viable future technology, with higher energy density than existing lithium-ion batteries. Many researchers believe that for lithium-metal cells, the typical liquid electrolyte used in lithium-ion batteries must be replaced with a solid-state electrolyte to maintain the flat, dendrite-free lithium morphologies necessary for long-term stable cycling. Here, we show that anode-free lithium-metal pouch cells with a dual-salt LiDFOB/LiBF4 liquid electrolyte have 80% capacity remaining after 90 charge–discharge cycles, which is the longest life demonstrated to date for cells with zero excess lithium. The liquid electrolyte enables smooth dendrite-free lithium morphology comprised of densely packed columns even after 50 charge–discharge cycles. NMR measurements reveal that the electrolyte salts responsible for the excellent lithium morphology are slowly consumed during cycling.

SOURCES- Nature Energy, Cleantechnica, Trucks.com, ABI Research
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

13 thoughts on “Tesla Next Generation Lithium Batteries vs Solid State Batteries from Everyone Else”

  1. Enron had pretty good shareholder return during its haydays. I would not say it was a winner for the market.

  2. There literally are zero solid state batteries at the moment that are out in the public or backed up by testing from other companies that can verify the achievement. Right now Tesla is the best you can get right now with 350 to 400 miles of range, it will be years before any of these batteries make it to the road and when they do Tesla most likely would’ve upgraded to something similar.

  3. Do you know what share of China’s electric car market Tesla will have in 5 years? How many GFs will be operating in China then? How much of China’s electric car/ battery exports will be Tesla? Tesla might well be the one winner not despite China but because of it. That one winner might look something like Apple and not dominate the global market in volume but in share of profits.

  4. “Tesla Next Generation Lithium Batteries vs Solid State Batteries from Everyone Else”

    And the winner is! (Dum, Dum Dum!) Us, the consumer.

  5. The Tesla Model 3 was the bestselling electric car in the world in 2018, according to data firm JATO Dynamics.

  6. Do you know how many electric cars China is building?
    Do you know what is Tesla share in the global electric car market?

  7. Some people who grew up in Asian authoritarian countries have a tendency to see the world through a prism of one figure who is the sole authority and knowledge of what is right and how to move forward. They cannot break the winner takes all paradigm, however, there isn’t now and there isn’t going to be any one winner in the electric car race.




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