Tesla Shanghai Factory is Testing a Model Production Line

电池王 on Weibo has pictures of the inside of the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory.

The english translation of the Weibo account holder is Battery King.

The picture are internal conditions of the Tesla China factory.

SOURCE – Battery King at Weibo miniblog, Twitter BuyckRuben
Written By Christina Wong, Nextbigfuture.com

7 thoughts on “Tesla Shanghai Factory is Testing a Model Production Line”

  1. ID3 is supposed to go on sale for EUR40k for WLTP range of 261mi. Model 3 is EUR44k for similar range. So not exactly a massive difference, considering Model 3 is higher performance and comes with autopilot standard and pretty high trim level. Model 3 is capable of 250kw fast charging while ID3 is capped at 100kw. That makes a big difference in charge times on longer trips.

    Not to say ID3 is a bad effort, but it isn’t obviously better value than Model 3. Regardless, there is probably more demand than can be satisfied between Model 3 and ID3. So long, diesel!

  2. Don’t count them out so soon, Volskwagen has just retooled two of their many fabs to produce electric vehicles exclusively. More will come later.

    The VW ID3 is expected to be much cheaper than any Tesla, a true mainstream car and not luxury cars for rich people. I love what Tesla has done, but don’t forget that they are not alone, VW is ramping up to mass produce on a level out of reach for Tesla.

    Tesla is still way too expensive for the average European consumer.

  3. Yep..  The best they could do is porsche taycan that only can do 0 to 60 mile per hour in 3.5sec vs Tesla Model S performance 2.3 sec.  But Porsche will cost you more…  Even Tesla Model 3 performance can beat Porsche (3.2 sec 0 to 60) for half the price.

  4. This must come a shock to Germophiles that non of the German competitors came up with a car that can even approach the Tesla specs. Rude awakening to the people claiming that Tesla has no special tech and no patents…

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