India Lost Its Moon Lander During Descent

The Vikram lander descent was as planned and normal performance was observed till the altitude of 2,100 meters. The communication from the lander to ground station was lost. The data is being analyzed according to K. Sivan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation.

India’s space agency said it lost touch Saturday with its Vikram lunar lander as it made its final approach to the south pole of the moon to deploy a rover to search for signs of water.

This is similar to the crash landing of Israel’s Beresheet spacecraft, which smashed into the moon’s surface during its attempt to land there in April.

SOURCES- Twitter, ISRO, Modi, Times of Israel, CNN
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. BS. The FBI says that violent crime is about half what it was in 1993. If you’re going to claim that things are getting *worse*, the onus of proof is on you. A Wikipedia page that uses the word “myth” doesn’t cut it.

  2. Looks like they found it about 500m from the expected landing point, and the rumor is it appears mostly intact but upside down, which won’t end well…

  3. In a sense, it is actually the opposite of India. In India millions of children are abandoned to fend for themselves. In America, everyone is fighting over who gets to keep the kids.

    Indians generally only care about their biological children. Few are looking for children to adopt. And most don’t care that children are parent-less and homeless. The Indian government is happy to take foreigners’ money to hand over a child. They basically sell them for $30,000-$48,000. In fee after fee after fee. Hoping you will back out after paying a number of fees. Then they can start someone else going through the red tape.

  4. I’m sure there are actual children going missing. (Though I suspect that the “children” who are taken away to a life of prostitution are 99% drug addicted 17 year olds.)

    But this is a classic case of scale problems. We can look at 5 or 10 cases of innocent toddlers, then we see a big number for the national statistics. And the temptation is to swallow the big number because we are currently feeling bad about the 10 horrible case studies we just saw and being suspicious now feels callous and unfeeling.

    As a result, 10 case studies that are really about something very bad, plus a couple of million cases that can be sort of described with the same vague term, get mixed into what looks like a national disaster.

  5. I should have said patent examiner. No, it is about the invention of the telephone. The patent examiner admitted that he solicited a bribe to make it look like Bell patented it. But, there is still plenty of debate on the topic. But the fact that Bell and Grey’s diagram were identical and hours apart lends credit to the theory. The admission was that Bell basically made a bunch of general claims and had no picture…dime a dozen stuff. When Grey’s came in, he called Bell’s attorneys and got them to give him money to copy the diagram onto Bell’s application.
    We may never know if this actually happened. But I think it is important that it never happens without being caught.

  6. The point is that lawlessness is increasing whether it is detroit or san francisco. Law abiding citizens are getting a raw deal. There is a particular perverse activity being indulged in by inner city youth. They find someone who is alone possibly an elderly person, walk upto him and punch him with full force. The objective is to knock him out. You can check the videos on youtube. Moral degeneracy is all but complete in this country.

  7. Ok got your point. The figure is too high. And the media outlet in this case is a known liberal mouthpiece with its own agenda. But even then human trafficking is a big issue everywhere in the country. Just notice the increase in street side prostitution in every major city. I guess lot of missing person reports are not even being filed anymore.

  8. People can’t imagine that billionaires kill themselves…has to be some big conspiracy.
    The genuine conspiracies no one suspects, and the suspected ones are almost never genuine.

  9. You are purposely giving misleading statistics. 1999 statistics. And at least 3/4 were the mom or dad taking them. New stats much lower:

    Detroit is a result of allowing unions to extort ludicrous wages for unskilled workers if you are talking about manufacturing. And lead pollution…if you are talking about crime and addiction.

    Gutted? I don’t know what you are talking about.

    Meth? Alcohol kills several times that. Alcohol is something like 88,000 deaths a year. Meth is something like 10,000. Opioids is something like 48,000. Can’t even talk about banning alcohol without people laughing. Though we did it for 13 years and life expectancy went up.

    Opioids are the current drug. And it is affecting the same people as got addicted to the previous drugs, who are now older. Lead exposure is what made people susceptible to addiction. There is no way to undue the damage. The brain damage is permanent. But the lead was finally banned in 1996. Since the damage happens before birth and in the first few years of life, it takes time for things to play out. The unexposed are just 23 and younger. Though there was a phaseout. You can see for yourself the 24 and younger are succumbing far less frequently. Though under other circumstances those ages tend to make the most bad decisions historically.

  10. 800,000 kids go missing in America every year

    Please do a little math before you get sucked in by such clickbait fake news.

    The annual birth rate in the USA is 4 million. By the above claim 1 in 5 American children disappear and nobody has noticed.

    OR… 800 000 children are “reported missing” and 799 998 turn up again, mostly within a couple of hours because it turns out that they were at Johnny’s house or their Dad picked them up from school without telling Mum or something.

  11. This isnt’ a good or happy event, from any point of view.

    And I believe you mean Raaul or something?

    He was reasonable most of the time. Somewhat amusing with his blind faith in India’s imminent world supremacy. Baffling with his insistence that India was in a secret cold war against the USA that nobody else knew about. And finally he went crazy.

    Sad really.

  12. Remember that we have been criticizing NASA for their “failure is not an option” attitude that has stifled development for decades.

  13. A courageous attempt even if they failed. The only thing that I would fault the Indians is the unrealistic expectations and always looking for showoff projects before taking care of business at home.

    I don’t agree with many commentators that having poor people that are not taken cared of disqualifies India from venturing into moon probe. If that were the case, no country would ever attempt this thing and there would be no Apollo. What I do fault them for, is that most of their military and space endeavors end either in perpetual delay or failure. The Arjun tank, after they were initially designed and built, it was found out that they were too heavy to be used on the desert by Pakistan that it was intended. The Tejas LCA fighter, after decades of delay, entered service with lots of problems and is no longer a competitive plane in today’s environment. Instead of doing all things badly, they should focus on just a few things that they do on time and well done. Even the ability to make your own bullets and guns without jamming and blowing up the barrels does a lot more for the country than trying, and failing to land on the moon.

  14. If they could not see anyone, they would not be getting prescriptions.

    Your statement suggests that you think counseling will fix these people. I doubt it. Some fraction might benefit.

    We don’t do enough to prevent the causes of depression. The media/news is certainly no help. And we act like everyone has to be chipper all the time. That is an irrational social pressure.

    There are depressed people everywhere in the world. Much of that is genetic/biologic. But social and situational factors are in play obviously. Being left for a younger woman, parents dying/getting Alzheimer’s, getting arthritis…or other painful disease of aging, ears ringing, going blind…

    Curing aging would be a big help…and investments are being made, though most of that is private money. More government money would be welcome.

    One mental illness we are doing far too little about is schizophrenia. We need to track down causes and find effective treatments. Not much money goes into the basic science there. Tons on depression. Many people spontaneously recover. We need to know how that happened…if that can be repeated in other patients.

    The Epstein Barr virus may be a factor. Hard to tell if you don’t have a cure for it. You can’t ethically give a bunch of people Epstein Barr and see how many become schizophrenic.

  15. So, is even Detroit a first world problem? I am pretty sure you have an idea what has happened to that city. The midwest is more or less gutted. California is on course to becoming one giant slum hellhole. Meth crisis is at its peak. But sure all this is forgiven because these are first world problems.

    A high class pimp supplying underage girls commits so called “Suicide” in a major correctional facility because there was a chance that major public figures would be fingered including an ex-potus. Meanwhile 800,000 kids go missing in America every year. But it is more important to point out flaws in China/India/South Africa/Brazil etc. Please continue.

  16. First world problem. They are paying people almost $200,000 a year each to clean it up in ridiculous hazmat suits.

    You can’t have bathrooms because they will use it for prostitution, drugs, other tripe.

    Takes just 77 homeless to make 28,084 turds in a year.

    You could have outhouses, but then you would be sued because homeless in wheelchairs couldn’t use them. But if you made it big enough…then you get skanky prostitutes using it as their office.

  17. This is the product of rent control primarily. It should be abolished at the Federal level.

    Still, most of the families are just between apartments for a few days and have somewhere to put their head.

    People just making use of public services. This is not the same as living on the street out of dumpsters.

  18. They are all ready competing. I am actually very proud of what ISRO has been able to do with such little resources.
    More competition, the better.

  19. Dim argument. Street kids have no parents to look after them and protect them. Priests and such is a different issue. A few wolves in sheep clothing.

    I do believe people in a position to easily take advantage of people should be routinely polygraphed+fMRI lie scanned for the typical crimes the professions make easier: priests, daycare, nannies, teachers, P.E./coaches, after school program people, shelter workers, police, nurses, doctors, social workers, judges, prison guards, asylum workers, bankers, corporate board members, military, FBI, CIA, politicians, union operators, hotel/motel workers, and patent clerks.

    Of those, it is only done with the FBI and CIA and a few other government workers.


    We should be doing more, in my opinion. Many people don’t want help. Should we force it on them? Lock up all the crazies in loud asylums, that are not much better than prisons?

    These are mostly adults in the U.S. A young homeless person without parents with them would quickly be placed with foster parents in the U.S. And there are programs for families and women with children. And if the parents were crazy, the children would be put in foster care.

    But you don’t really care about any of this, you are just taking cheap shots to defend governments neglecting the extreme poor to make expensive dreams come true of a higher caste.

  20. One out of 10 NYC Public School children experience homelessness in any given year. It is not due to mental health problems…yet.
    New York City Homelessness: The Basic Facts
    In recent years, homelessness in New York City has reached the highest levels since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
    In July 2019, there were 61,054 homeless people, including 14,621 homeless families with 21,419 homeless children, sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system. Families make up nearly three-quarters of the homeless shelter population.
    Over the course of City fiscal year 2018, 133,284 different homeless men, women, and children slept in the New York City municipal shelter system. This includes over 45,600 different homeless New York City children.

  21. How about tens of thousands of kids that have been abused by catholic clergy including in US. Does that mean NASA and other national laboratories should be shutdown?

    Oh and by the way don’t forget to check the rising homelessness figures in America.

  22. I am not talking about India feeding people in Africa, I am talking about India feeding people in India.

    If boatloads of Americans were starving, I would insist on our government taking care of that first (or moving on it full tilt) before we buy bombers or space shuttles.

    If their rocket program was private, it would be a different matter, but this is coming out of Indians’ taxes. No. Feeding everyone comes first. Abandoned kids living by the tens of thousands on the streets scrounging for scraps…half being sexually abused. No, that is not how you run a country.

    The kids need to be put in decent boarding schools and gotten up to speed in their education, and fed properly. And they need to be free of sexual predators, drug dealers, and other exploiters.

    Yes, there are homeless in the U.S. We choose not to lockup the mentally ill who are not a risk to themselves or others. Though, I think we are a bit lax on that determination as they often cross streets against the lights or jaywalk…which is clearly dangerous. 8.6% are veterans. Only about 200,000 have nowhere to sleep (out of about 500,000). For some this is just a slow means of suicide. They have done things they can’t forgive themselves for and this is their penance. But there are all kinds of stories. Lots of substance abuse. Some can’t stop themselves gambling. The majority of it is mental health related

  23. Personally, I think there’s no reason to gloat about someone else’s failure.

    Also they do it way cheaper than NASA, and they will succeed eventually.

    The way to success is filled with big and little disappointments, what matters is not stopping.

  24. We can’t ask that everyone on earth sacrifice their passion for science or entertainment until every problem is solved. Thats ridiculous. I have no doubt you spend money not helping starving third worlders on frivolous things-by your own stunted logic poor Mbeki the african schoolboys death is on YOUR hands.

    If you want to raise money to help those in need, go for it. But dont grandstand and lecture people who want to use their lives to explore science. Its stupid and puts food in no ones mouth.

  25. So India is more than 53 years behind USA or Russia/Soviet Union. They couldnt replicate the feat even with all the new computers, materials and knowledge.

    Hey, anyone remember that one NBF guy in the discussion from India (living in Australia or NZ?) that tried to convince us that India will be the ruling superpower very soon? And that they basically have everything superior to the West. Where is he now? 🙂

  26. Courageous? What is courageous about being paid to have fun with advanced hardware and rockets with hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been used to save thousands from going blind or starving to death?

    Why is it no one seems to know what “courage” is or for that mater what “cowardice” is. Police/politicians/media call every terrorist and mass killer a “coward”. Are police that make these statements just that stupid that they can’t make an appropriate condemnation. How about “hate deformed”, and “hate message gullible”. Not exactly a ring to those, but they could be refined. “Rage management challenged”?

    If this was a manned ship that was lost, I would certainly accept “courageous” as describing those people. But it was not.

    I hope something was just lost in translation.

  27. Unfortunate. But I suppose it is possible it did complete its landing?
    Hmm – no, video looks like something went wrong with braking.

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