Investors Love America’s Newest Addiction

An explosive new industry is taking over the world…

It has shot past film, television and even music to become the world’s most widely consumed source of entertainment.

Yet most investors are entirely unaware of its existence, blind to an industry that has captivated an entire generation.

An industry projected to grow to $300 billion in just a few short years…

Video games have gone mainstream.

And the real profit potential lies in the web of revenue streams hiding just outside of the spotlight.

Millennial Esports (TSX.V:GAME, OTCMKTS:MLLLF) is a company that knows this all too well…

With its hands in nearly every sector of the multi-billion dollar gaming boom, Millennial has become a Jack-of-all-trades in an industry where most companies are hyper-fixated on a single venture.

“As the gaming industry continues to explode, new opportunities to generate profit are arising every day and being able to identify trends before the markets is one of our biggest strengths,” notes Millennial CEO Darren Cox. 

And it’s true. From streaming deals and digital ads to game development, there is a lot of money on the line.

The best part? The industry is still in its early days…

And Millennial has the cards stacked in its favor.

Here are 5 Reasons to keep a close eye on Millennial Esports (TSX.V:GAME, OTCMKTS:MLLLF) right now:

#1 A $120 Billion Niche in a Market Now BIGGER Than Hollywood

Less than twenty years ago, gaming was considered a niche industry—meant for kids or hard-core gamers.

But today, gaming is mainstream.

There are an estimated 211 million gamers in the United States—more than two-thirds of all Americans game on their phones, tablets, TVs and computers.

Gaming revenue has tripled since 2000—rising from less than $50 billion to more than $120 billion per year.”

You read that right—video games are officially bigger than Hollywood.

Major video game releases—Activision’s Call of Duty or Microsoft’s Destiny—can cost hundreds of millions of dollars to produce.

Estimates have the industry doubling again, to $300 billion by 2025. Right now, eports is a small slice of the pie. But it’s about to get bigger.

According to Goldman Sachs, revenues from esports is expected to rocket to $3 billion by 2022. Some of the big money is in prize pools at events, where thousands of passionate gamer fans attend while millions more view via on-line streaming.

Fortnite, a wildly popular third-person shooter, will hold its World Cup in 2019, with a prize pool of $100 million.

The four biggest esports events of 2018 generated 190.1 million viewing hours. The potential audience for esports in 2019 could be as high as 438 million people.

But for company’s looking to invest in esports, the real money lies elsewhere—around 82% of the market in 2019 will come from brand investment, media rights, advertising, and sponsorship. That’s where Millennial (TSX.V:GAME, OTCMKTS:MLLLF) will profit. The company has tapped into multiple revenue streams—from eports events to data analytics to game development—to deliver maximum returns for investors.

#2 Millennial (TSX.V:GAME, OTCMKTS:MLLLF) Has Multiple Esport Revenue Streams

Millennial is one of a kind. While a lot of esports companies get into one aspect of the industry, Millennial is spreading itself across the whole sector—establishing multiple revenue streams to deliver big earnings.

FIRST, At the top of the ticket is Stream Hatchet, a data-collection and processing service that acts as the “Nielsen of Gaming.”

A data analytics/intelligence company under the Millennial umbrella, Stream Hatchet focuses on gathering analytics on esports, allowing clients to identify influences and trends within the esports sector.

All of the biggest names in tech—Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, the gaming platform Steam—desperately need data from within the esports and streaming space in order to understand its trends and market to its customers. Stream Hatchet is the single biggest company in this space and years ahead of the competition when it comes to providing this data.

The data that Stream Hatchet collects is also sold to major gaming developers who can use it to further develop products for the gaming community based on feedback and user interaction.

And through licensing fees and reporting fees it can monetize data in a way that is entirely unique in the esports and streaming space.

SECOND, Millennial has acquired a video game developer—Eden, a racing game company that specializes in developing games linked with the Formula One brand.

As any gearhead knows, F1 is the biggest name in racing. The Circuit of the Americas race in Austin, TX attracts more than 100,000 people a year, while F1 is basically a religion in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The racing industry itself is colossal—in 2015 it earned more than FIFA, bringing in a cool $16.2 billion.

Through Eden, Millennial has access to a whole range of popular gaming brands, and partnerships with some of the biggest names in racing. In September it secured exclusive partnerships with Porsche and Nintendo.

THIRD, Millennial can tap into those brands through its premier esports event—World’s Fastest Gamer. Real racers, plus dedicated racing gamers, gather to go head-to-head for a prize valued at $1 million —bigger than any F1 trophy.

And after a brief hiatus, Millennial is bringing World’s Fastest Gamer back in 2019.

Racers suit up and slide into a simulation rig, where they try to beat the times set by actual professional racers. The event has the potential to reach 56.8 million viewers.

Series 1 of World’s Fastest Gamer was broadcast in 48 countries through 86 global broadcasters, including ESPN, CNBC and Fox Sports. The show reached an estimated 400 million households, and sponsorship came from McLaren F1.

Millennial is shooting for a media value potential of $15 million from Series 2—and now the key partner is Aston Martin, with a prize for the winner of $1 million. To represent the brand, Millennial has recruited some of the biggest names in racing—former F1 Team Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello and 2x Indy 500 champion Juan Pablo Montoya.

Through this premier esports event, Millennial can earn further brand exposure and enhance its position with partners in the racing world, particularly the $16 billion Formula 1 brand.

No other esports firm can boast of such connections—links to the world’s biggest racing brand, and data analytics that can deliver premium analysis to Big Tech.

Millennial (TSX.V:GAME, OTCMKTS:MLLLF) can tap these different revenue streams to deliver big gains
for investors.

It’s why there’s no other company like it out there.

#3 No Other Company Can Do What They Do

What makes Millennial unique? A four-year head-start on the competition…and some real experience in the driver seat.

Stream Hatchet started collecting esports data four years ago—delivering reports and analytics to major tech and gaming firms, so that they could better understand trends in gaming.

No other company has even come close to matching Stream Hatchet’s performance—and now they’re under the Millennial umbrella. It’s basically a monopoly on esports analytics, just as the sector climbs towards multi-billion valuation.

Through World’s Fastest Gamer and Eden, Millennial has tapped into the $16 billion Formula 1 market.

But that’s just the beginning.

There’s nothing stopping Millennial from branching out into other areas.

The NFL is worth $63 billion.

The NBA is worth at least $30 billion, the average team is worth $1.9 billion.

Premier League soccer is worth $10.2 billion.

Now, compare that to video games–$135 billion in revenue in 2019, with $300 billion by 2025.

Millennial has found a niche at the intersection of two massive industries—and it’s the only company of its kind out there.

To manage this kind of opportunity takes particular skill—but Millennial is in good hands.

CEO Darren Cox , the “Godfather” of motorsport esports, is the mastermind behind World’s Fastest Gamer and the former Global Motorsport Director for Nissan, where he also managed the Global Sales and Marketing for the Nissan Motorsport brand.

Between 2008 and 2015, Cox ran the GT Academy program—a racing and gaming program that transformed gamers into professional drivers Cox has brought on quality brand ambassadors—Rubens Barrichello of Ferrari, and 2x Indy 500 champion Juan Pablo Montoya—to expand Millennial’s reach.

He’s active in the public world of esports, attending major panels in London and Miami in September 2019.

Through his expertise, Millennial (TSX.V:GAME, OTCMKTS:MLLLF) has grown into an esports conglomerate—the only company out there with the reach to connect actual e-sports events and esports data, just as this industry starts to gain real momentum.

#4 The #1 Esport Stock

Esports is a small part of a big industry—gaming could be worth $300 billion by 2025.

But just think—who would have guessed that twenty years ago, when gaming was for teens in their parents’ basement or a casual trip to a video arcade?

But smart investors know video games are a huge business. Those who got into video game stocks early made millions…

With stocks like EA up 147%Activision up 189%Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc up 411%Nintendo up 276%

All in just 5 years.

And, right now esports investors are getting in on the ground floor of the next stage.

The biggest events in eports garner huge audiences and carry massive cash prizes. But the real money is in advertising, data analytics, branding, and sponsorship.

Millennial (TSX.V:GAME, OTCMKTS:MLLLF) has all that covered. It’s the first company to tap into every esports revenue stream.

And it’s a company you can get for pennies on the dollar.

But that won’t last.

Eden, Millennial’s gaming developer, rolled out Gear Club Unlimited 2 in 2018, and plans to roll out additional racing games in the coming years.

And Stream Hatchet, the premier name in esports data analytics, can deliver what no other data firm can match—quality data on trends in esports and on-line gaming.

It couldn’t be simpler—Millennial (TSX.V:GAME, OTCMKTS:MLLLF) can do what no other company can. It is in pole position at the head of the pack, with a head-start in an industry about to reach $3 billion.

By. Steven Greenwood

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