Carnival of Space 638

1. Universe Today – TESS Has Now Captured Almost the Entire Southern Sky. Here’s a Mosaic Made of 15,347 Photographs

A panoramic view of the southern sky is based on 208 TESS images, which were taken during the mission’s first year of science operations – which wrapped up this past July 18th. In that time, the spacecraft gathered data on many interesting events in the southern sky, as well as light curves that led to the discovery of 29 exoplanets so far with more than 1,000 candidate planets that are now being investigated.

2. Nextbigfuture – Future SpaceX Hourly Delivery Monopoly and the Expansion of the SpaceX Fleet

SpaceX will roll-out hourly delivery of packages for years before flying passengers and this will make them tens of billions of dollars each year. I, Brian Wang, have analyzed how SpaceX will have a monopoly on 1-6 hour package delivery for tens of billions of dollars. This will fund the human passenger global infrastructure and provide massive profits while performing millions of test flights to prove human passenger safety.

Ultra-rapid delivery of packages is clearly the precursor to point-to-point human travel. It will support massive volume increases, cost reductions and safety testing.

This is just like mass consumer electric cars and trucks being the precursor platform for self-driving robotaxis.

Projected SpaceX Starship capabilities are all at the level that Elon Musk describes as target in his Air Force pitch day interview.

The future history of SpaceX will be as follows:
* SpaceX capture over 60% of the commercial launch market. This has happened.
* SpaceX launches and starts operating Starlink mega constellation. 60 production Starlink satellites were launched and the initial service will start in 2020.
* SpaceX flies Starship to orbit in 2020. In 2022 or 2023, SpaceX rolls out its ultra-rapid delivery package service.
* Around 2027, SpaceX is operating over 1000 flights per day for 1 to 6-hour international deliveries.
* Around 2030, SpaceX proves safety of rockets after millions of flights for human one-hour anywhere passenger service. There would already be over one-hundred Spaceports and thousands of Starships.

3. Universe Today – This Artificial Leaf Turns Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

4. Universe Today – November Meteors: Taurids, Leonids and a Surprise Monocerotids Outburst

5. Universe Today – SpaceX Launches Another 60 Starlink Satellites

6. Universe Today – Watch a Simulation of a Galaxy, From the Big Bang Until the Present Day

7. Nextbigfuture – NASA overpaid Boeing again and did not let SpaceX offer a lower cost solution.

Another day and another $300 million of taxpayer money given to Boeing when no money needed to be given.

The US taxpayer was ripped off….again.