Ford is Not a Leader With SUV’s, Luxury Cars or Electric Cars

Tesla is crushing BMW, Porsche and other carmakers in the luxury segment and against electric and combustion engine vehicles.

Tesla outsold BMW cars in the luxury car segment even when the Tesla Model 3 was more expensive than the comparable BMW.

Ford has a lead position with its F150 truck series. However, other trucks from GM, Toyota and other still do well.

Ford has popular SUVs with the Ford Explorer and the Ford Escape.

Ford is not in the top ten for luxury SUV sales and Ford is about 8th in terms of global SUV sales.

The electric Ford Focus had less than 600 sales in 2018 in the USA.

28 thoughts on “Ford is Not a Leader With SUV’s, Luxury Cars or Electric Cars”

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  2. Hi there. I have a problem with a bumper on my Ford SUV. At the exit from the suburb, I hit a little and now it's curved pretty much. What to do? I understand it will need to be replaced?

  3. I spend quite a lot of time in various cities in China. There are a lot of cars.
    Yes, there is a much higher proportion of bike and scooters than in the western countries I know, but still a lot of cars.

  4. Will any car auto unlock for a rescue crew?
    They break the window and open the door, or grab the “jaws of life” (that is it’s name) and rip the door or whatever off.
    Since the brand was Tesla it was news, not because it was news.

  5. Ford sold six hundred electric Focus models? I didn’t even know that model existed. They’re too busy advertising and pushing thirsty and dirty trucks and suvs.

  6. He’s talking about an actual incident that happened a few weeks ago when the door handles on a Tesla didn’t autopresent when rescuers approached the freshly crashed vehicle. Driver was literally burned alive inside. I don’t know why the windows weren’t just smashed immediately but I’m sure that will be discussed during court proceedings, family has filed suit.

  7. Combi,
    you’re a smart guy, always enjoyed your sparring with goatguy.

    in your opinion, after Tesla releases the Model Y, will they Bev a leader in SUV?
    i believe they will be

  8. Virtually every single new BEV is labeled by the media as a “Tesla killer”, so far,
    a grand total of 0 have lived up to the hype.
    tesla has a 10 year head start on everybody, there will be no “Tesla Killers”
    anytime soon, however, I do applaud other manufacturers getting into the space.
    by the time other manufacturers are hitting their stride, Tesla will have 4-5 global gigafactories with vertically integrated battery production.
    buy Tesla now, in 5 years you will wish you had.

  9. I can prove China is lieing…. Hong Kong is a more developed country with similar culture to mainland China… one would think Hong Kong should have more cars per capita then mainland China… but the fact is that in 2018 only 600,000 people owned cars out of a population of 7,000,000 people…That’s only 8.5 people Out of a 100 have a car… that ratio Should be even lower in mainland China..I don’t know of too many blue collar factory workers driving to work in a Toyota… maybe on a motor cycle..

  10. China says they have 250 million cars…. then I divide by 4 to get the actual number because the Chinese government propaganda office always inflates every number by a factor of 4… I get 62.5 million cars….

  11. But if you go to their cities Where everybody lives they still have Parking lots of bikes and no cars… Most cars are still taxis as well…. Give me a road anywhere in the world and I can fill it with cars…. that just means they don’t have enough roads… If Tesla wants to do well in Asia they should make electric motorcycles…

  12. What you don’t know is ford has a secret stake in Tesla…. It’s like Microsoft secretly owning part of Apple…. ever wonder why they invest in Microsoft office for Mac? It’s because bill gates probably own 30% of Apple stock or something like that…because Microsoft bailed them out when apple was going bankrupt back in early 90s and bought a none voting share of the company…Just a guess

  13. I’m wondering if ford is secretly buying the cassy for electric mustang from Tesla and then slapping mustang fenders over it…. because the interior looks too similar to Tesla…

  14. Doesn’t your point 4 directly contradict your point 1?

    Either it looks exactly the same or it looks better, it can’t be both.

  15. I’m shocked every time I see something current about China. I can’t get past the stereotypes I grew up with, but I think it is a bunch of people and if even a fifth of them are doing well that is a heck of a lot of people.

  16. You are right, let’s hope the driving experience is as pleasant as the tesla too.
    If Ford gives the complete package, nice, innovative, and beautiful interior it will be a hit.
    I doubt Tesla will feel the competition. Just like I doubt the F150 will feel the effect of Tesla’s pickup. And Tesla will sell as many PUs as it can make.
    Assuming it doesn’t look like crap.
    Your point 4 is a maybe yes maybe no thing.

  17. Ford has mastered paint that does not chip, chassis that are repairable and don’t accumulate 50 lbs of road gravel, electronics that don’t disable the car when one badly soldered chip in entertainment system goes out, the ability to source and distribute parts, and even indoor manufacturing. Maybe they’ll be able to manage electric cars that don’t lock the occupants inside and cremate them after a crash.

  18. Nope you are wrong, only one company selected by God is entitled to crash all the rest and his messenger will continue bringing the good news till you get it.

  19. The pricing comparisons between Ford Mach E and Tesla are disingenuous. Tesla sets the price, Ford does not. Ford creates a fantasy MSRP which the dealers adjust upward or downward by thousands of dollars. It’s not uncommon for a dealer to mark up a limited supply popular car by twenty percent above MSRP. I’m willing to bet this will be the case until at least tax credits are used up and each dealer has more in stock than will sell in a few weeks time.

    Also there are the mystery “Deal Fees” and thousands in dealer installed valueless options .(Nitrogen in your tires?)

    Ford might be proud of their battery technology but the dealer’s will quote the old battery horror stories to insure everyone buys an extended warranty. 

    I think people who “reserve” the Mach E now are going to be in for a surprise when the the dealer contacts them for payment.

    Hopefully Ford will spend a crap load of money advertising EV’s which is great for Tesla.

  20. I think a mustang electric car spells trouble for Tesla… 1. It looks exactly the same as a Tesla… 2.gets the same driving range and 3. there are ford dealerships in nearly every city in the United States compared with Tesla that has zero direct sales channel….4. Driving a mustang still looks better than driving a Tesla….

  21. i always think they are making up complete BS when they say China is number one car market in the world… most Chinese people live extremely close together like sardines …. and either take public transportation or ride bikes to work…. They don’t even need cars because they don’t have Super spread out urban sprawl like in the United States… If you live in China and you need to go to the market to buy something in China you walk outside your buildIn less than 200 feet away and do every activity that Americans need to spend 10 gallons of gas per week to perform driving around in loops all over the place… Which means that the car ratio in China probably lower than 1 in 20 need a car….

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