Ford Mach-E Will Be in Tesla Model Y Category But Does Not Look Like a Category Killer

The Ford Mustang Mach-e was revealed yesterday and it promises features close to the announced features of Model Y.

Ford Mach-e and Tesla Model Y will both be out mid to late 2020. They will have overlapping battery ranges.

The Ford Mach-e is in the same category as the Tesla Model Y and will overlapping price ranges and driving ranges. The Mach-e even on paper promises is not vastly surpassing all of the other competitors.

The Tesla Model Y will have a third-row seat option for seating up to 7.

The Hyundai Kona has been out for over a year. Hyundai Kona EV sales reached 5000 globally in October, 2019.

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Written By Brian Wang,

19 thoughts on “Ford Mach-E Will Be in Tesla Model Y Category But Does Not Look Like a Category Killer”

  1. Im with you, I buy used cars with low mileage on them and drive them til they die. My 2003 buick lesabre I bought for 4K in 2010 is still going, and im buying a 2014 volt for 11k this week. Its the most expensive car I have ever bought, but I suspect the maintanance is going to be insanely low, and I might manage 400K miles on it with almost twice the mpg. It will be all electric for 75% of my driving, and the engine is a constant speed so lots less wear and tear and stress on it.

    I also spend over 10% of my awake time in my car.

  2. Id like to see them allow for more customizations, but really once you get used to it touchscreens are fine. The things you need to control are still physical, and most of the touchscreen stuff you dont constantly use, and you get used to where they are.

  3. Not disagreeing that a few of Tesla cars’ controls should be more physical…
    …but some of Tesla’s current cars may spend more of their lives as self-driving cars than as owner driven – which will make it much safer to use touch controls.

  4. unless you have driven a Tesla with the touch screens you guys go on about you are not dealing with a full deck.

    IT is not a difficulty to operate, and it allows an engineer to redesign it’s features as needed. All in all a pretty neat thing.

    I am by no means anything but ordinary and I seem to have managed to operate one of these confounded things.

  5. Well said…
    Feeling your way around with the fingertips while driving – plus the fact that you memorize each knob’s location over time, you can’t beat that with a touchscreen.
    Dunno what genius came up with this idea, I guess it’s just pandering to the touchscreen addicted zombies living off free money.
    And if you think haptic feedback is seriously looked into in games & VR, it’s a shame they didn’t think of it in cars.
    Either they come to their senses, or we hope car interior customisation will offer dashboards with physical knobs in the future.

  6. Billions of people squint at their little phone screens for hours…I can’t comprehend why. I have 3, 27″ screens all acting as one desktop on my PC. Why would I want to waist time on an itty bitty screen with atrocious speakers? I definitely prefer buttons, knobs, and such…but other people. I think these are here to stay…unfortunately.
    My grandfather engineered a lot of gauges on those airplanes.

  7. Nice car but there is no mention of any Rapid charging infrastructure to allow people to drive it long distances. As it stands right now for most EVs is that you cannot drive it more than the battery range. OR you need to know were a charger is just before the battery runs out of power.

    Tesla built a network a supper chargers that allow a tesla owner to recharge the battery in relatively short time. So after about 300 miles you stop at a supper charger and then walk to one of the restaurants typically located nearby for a snack and rest. Then when you are done with your meal, you get back into your car and drive about another 300miles. You can do that in a Tesla. You cannot do that in any other EV on the market.

    The GM bolt was call a tesla killer but GM is only selling about 20,000 a year. In 2018 Tesla sold 240,000 model 3s. And model 3 sales are not slowing down.

  8. Proper control ergonomics were devised over decades. Careful design beginning with aircraft in WW2, and building on a century or two of trial and error before that.

    There is no reason at all to throw that all away and replace it with a touchscreen except that it’s cheaper and looks kind of cool in the showroom to people who don’t think too much about it.

    Hopefully this will be the “blue LED” of design. Cool for the first couple of years after it became technically feasible, but soon phased out as soon as it didn’t have the “new, and cool” factor any more. Because it just didn’t work that well.

  9. Tesla will probably do fine but they will be competing with Ford who can sell the first 200,000 EVs with a full $7,500 credit. Mostly the same for VW.

  10. I like the exterior, the price and range are good but I don’t like the giant monitor in the middle of the dash board.

    Were I in the market for a crossover EV this would probably be #1. We’ll see what the final version of the VW crozz looks like and how model Y quality works out.

  11. Who suckered you into a lease, twice none the less? Very poor financial decision. I only say that because you made it a financial issue in your comment. I’ve done well and I’ve NEVER bought a new car off the lot and would NEVER lease a car. I marvel at the # of people who can’t afford their ride they have, much less a brand new one with an 84 month loan. I drive our cars at least 10 years. I put 200,300 miles on my last one til it blew an engine gasket. Wish I could have gotten it 250,000. P.S. TAAS is called a taxi or Hertz. And, you use your car 100% of the time you drive it. Don’t know where the 5% comes from. Maybe you should look for dinnerware-as-service. You probably use that less than your car. (I say that in jest)

  12. I don’t think I can own any car that just glues an iPad on the dash. I like looking at the road while driving in heavy traffic and having the ability to find the A/C knob, or the volume knob and with a quick twist have what I want. Much easier than digging 3 levels deep in some menu system and then screen tapping for 20 seconds to increase the temp from 65 to 85. Voice controls aren’t there yet to make these systems safe while driving. Oh, and I like not have to worry about refueling and how far I can drive based on simple things like the weather. Some day, just not yet good enough for mass adoption yet. It will be a while.

  13. I was hard on this earlier. I think too hard. I still don’t like the back, but the rest is growing on me a bit. I think they will have to show that their batteries age as gracefully as the Tesla ones do. But other than that, it looks like a viable alternative. And it will be interesting how people will respond to advertising. Tesla has not done much of that. It also has to do well on crash tests, but that is almost certain, as it appears to have the same skateboard approach.

  14. This is only the beginning of course, Tesla formula is not that hard to break, one model at a time, Inshallah, especially if you are a big car manufacturer with a lot of resources and expertise in the area.

  15. I am not buying a car ever again. I am on my second lease but what I am waiting for is automated TAAS (Transporation as a Service) to arrive. I am done paying 10s of thousands of dollars for something I only use 5% of the time.

  16. That’s a nice looking car Ford…. can’t wait to test drive it at the Ford dealer down the street in my Podunk town.

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