Radical Truck Design Sends Tesla Down 6% But Batteries and Price Show Future Dominance

Tesla’s stock is down 6% because of the radical Cybertruck design and broken windows during the presentation yesterday.

The market is ignoring the fact that Tesla can place a different more conventional truck design on top of the Cybertruck skateboard.

Tesla can sell the Cybertruck and a regular truck. Tesla has about 18 months before they actually start building the Cybertruck. They can react to the number of $100 deposits and determine what to do.

Tesla showed massive battery and pricing capabilities will arrive within two years. They will offer a $39,900 vehicle with 250+ mile range with 5 seats and 100 cubic feet of capacity. The vehicle has about 100 kwh of battery for the lower-end cybertruck. This means Tesla can profitably sell large vehicles at lower prices. They were also offering over 500 mile range on the $70,000 version.

Electric vehicles are built on skateboards. Tesla can easily change the top seats and roof. SpaceX has shown how quickly development with stainless steel can shift and adapt.

Tesla can create a regular truck and a large SUV at prices at or below combustion engine vehicles.