Rossi Has New Self-Sustaining Cold Fusion Claim

Andrea Rossi has made cold fusion (aka low energy nuclear reaction) claims for nearly ten years. Rossi’s claims have failed serious attempts at validation. The previous results related to excess energy seem to been explained by completely fraudulent demonstrations. Electricity and heat were made from hidden connections to conventional sources.

On January 31, 2019, Rossi’s released a new product called E-Cat SK via live video stream. The product is reported as currently available to be leased by factories as a source of heat. Tom Casten and Australian physicist and aerospace engineer Ian Bryce said that the inputs, outputs, and measurement points are not defined. Ian says the results are meaningless.

The latest claim is a new product called E-Cat SKL. This is an E-Cat SK that has electricity generation and the output electricity used as input for a continuous reaction. The new claim is that the system can have energy used to start it and then it will run continuously far beyond any chemical processes.

Conventional nuclear reactors are designed to run for years before there is refueling of the nuclear materials. If this was also some form of solid-state nuclear power then it could conceivably run for years. There have been claims that these systems convert nickel into different isotopes. Previously when different nickel isotope ratios were presented by Rossi, the validation indicated someone added in the different isotopes.

Validation of the new Rossi claims will require third parties having complete control of the testing. The devices would need to be placed into isolated chambers and run for months without having any electrical input and the electrical output would need to be one hundred times beyond the initial input.

The testing would need to have experienced stage magicians helping to create the test protocols to avoid fraud and tricks.

Ian Bryce detailed how fraudulent wiring could be used to power older versions of the e-Cat. An Earth-wire was used to get unmetered power.

The Rossi’s Megawatt Reactor always had a 500 kilowatt conventional nearby for any demonstration.

Rossi claims have to meet a far higher standard versus regular science claims. These are claims from someone where there is massive evidence of serial fraud, tricks and lies.

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  1. If he was a fusion hobbyist, (There are some.) you’d have a point.

    As he’s a con man with a long history, and he’s defrauding investors, no, not so much.

  2. I watched a Mills video a couple of years ago. He was demonstrating his “brilliant light” unit for a bunch of technically inept investors. The thing whirred and crackled, generating a intense bright white light. Mills admitted that he had a welding unit rigged in to trigger the reaction, but it looked to me like he was simply drawing an arc, just like any welder would. That guy is always six months from saving the world – for the last ten years.

  3. Natural, as in nature. For example, natural nickel is 68% Ni-58, 26% Ni-60, and a little of Ni-61, Ni-62 and Ni-64. If anyone puts nickel into a contraption that does its magic, and the following isotopic analysis shows there is 0% Ni-58, 10% Ni-60, and 90% Ni-64, it is a confirmation that contraption makes neutrons in abundance, by a process no one can explain. That is not about Rossi, it is just to answer your question. Personally, I do not care much for what Rossi says or does.

    As for “dead from radiation”, you are implying that nuclear physics is complete, while it is far from that. There is no theory that explains the nucleus, which is why people work to create isotopes with extreme neutron-proton ratios to see what happens and add experimental data to facilitate development of that theory. It is more experimental science, which means it can surprise. What the very existence of LENR subject shows is there are such surprises just in front. Below the level of nuclear physics, the standard theory just postulates a lot of things, cannot explain quark masses, and has a lot of “parameters” that are just artefacts. So, in summary, huge gaps in particle physics, more gaps than understanding in nuclear physics. There are known nuclear reactions with no gamma, or low energy gamma, etc. There are ways for transmutation to be missed by sensors. Pity they focus on Sieverts and Watts, while they should be focusing on isotopic ratios.

  4. You could have left it at politicians, period. The Democrats have not cornered the market on idiocy, or shall we recount all the debunked conspiracy theories on the right?

  5. Your title (“Rossi Has New Self-Sustaining Cold Fusion Claim”) is both stupid and wrong. The phony “Doctor” Rossi recently confessed on his dumbass blog ( that he has NEVER had “the LENR” or any “cold fusion” of any kind. His new BS is supposed to produce energy via “virtual particle” reactions (as if). The Silver Weasel is no longer a cold fuser, and has in fact admitted that “cold fusion is impossible.” Kiind of makes you wonder how his bizarre “1-MW” rust bucket worked in that Doral, FL warehouse.

  6. happened with his groundbreaking 1MW cargo containers? No buyers? Or did everyone realize that he obtained 500KW of heat with exactly 500KW electrical input? AKA one giant worthless resistor.

  7. more productive to watch kindergarten classes in the hopes they come up with a world changing scientific breakthrough. Rossi is a proven conman, his sycophants are dumber than dirt.

  8. one pathetic gullible fool… Invest in Rossi now ! And, I have followed closely since the beginning, having a MS in Nuc. Eng. Nothing was believable, ever.

  9. What ‘unnatural’ isotopic ratios are you referring to? Certainly nothing from Rossi has been verified. In fact, the Cu isotopes he said were ‘created’ by LENR with Ni came out at exactly what you’d get with natural Cu. Clearly, he simply peppered his magic Ni dust with a little Cu. And of course, if this was indeed a nuclear reaction, he and his minions would be dead from the radiation.

  10. Rossi claims have to meet a far higher standard …. These are claims from someone where there is massive evidence of serial fraud, tricks and lies.

    Gee that sounds like Shiff, Pelosi, .. well 100% of Demorat politicians and their minions

  11. The subject is rather sensitive due to the consequences I addressed above. Research is ongoing, with some occasionally leaking out at an odd presser, but the results will not be shared. There are larger rewards than a Nobel prize.
    Just today I read a review on the waves made by some nuclear science work, claiming they have evidence of the sixth force (fifth being associated with Higgs field). Something in the decay of excited nuclei did not add up several times, and they attempt to explain it by unknown force. The community is excited, and will certainly be verifying that. So, here is the fundamental claim of no less than a new force, and no one if outright dismissing it as nonsense. Yet, the whole LENR story can be reduced to an unknown collective electron gas-nuclei interaction process that imparts sufficient energy to a single electron to make formation of neutron possible. The S-orbital electrons actully spend most of their time inside the nucleus, but neutron-proton mass difference is much greater than electron’s energy. Unless it gets more, somehow. It does get more in accelerators, then nuclear reactions ensue. How it may or does get such energy, with very low probability, in solid state matter – that is a godzillion dollar question. Those who find the answer, will likely not share. Rossi is not a scientist, he may have just found the conditions. Superconductivity was discovered long ago, and still is not fully understood, but is used commercially.

  12. Rossi is misunderstood by most. IH knows he had something. This latest claim is a natural outgrowth of the past 10 years, for those who have followed closely. Mr. Wang’s article is full of half-truths.

  13. Agreed, we definitely need more LENR research, and into fusion power in general. I have a feeling efficient fusion power will come to market before we discover how those low-cost neutrons are generated.

  14. I’ve been aware of them for 15+ years – and the one ‘live’ demo I watched was enough. They were crushing ‘hydrino’ containing particles between two rollers which had a hefty DC current between them. Thus, lots of arcing. To show the ‘power’ generated they had a bank of solar cells hooked up to an led panel. Which obediently flashed when an arc flashed.

    This was proof of the ‘power potential of hydrinos’.

    Regular bulbs wouldn’t have a fast enough response time, since filaments have to warm before they lit up. They could have dumped copper filings down, and gotten the same effect.

    I feel sorry for any investors in that scam. Extraordinary claims have need of extraordinary proof – and neither Rossi or BLP are providing it.

  15. This guy is a liar, cheater and a thief.
    ANYONE THAT believes a thing this conman says is a gullible buffoon.

  16. If Bernie Madoff got out of prison and started up a new fund, would the event get any attention evaluating it as an investment?

  17. That website is something else, I tell you what. There’s a ton of debate that goes on in the article postings, and a lot of it way over my head lol. It’s possible that SOMETHING could come of it all, but I don’t know what. Sometimes real science can come out of a bunch of really smart people huddling together and talking about pseudoscience they believe is actually science. Stranger things have happened.

    Would suck for Rossi if he’s a true believer and then finds out he’s just been tricking himself this entire time. Like, oops, good luck getting that twenty years of your life back!

  18. The only thing about the Rossi story that’s still interesting, is how he’s managing to be making these claims from outside a prison cell.

  19. Cm-247 would make a great fission anything, but Cm-247 has the longest half-life of all Cm, hence the least problematic in reactors. Cm-245 would make a great tiny bomb with its critical mass estimated at tens of grams. Cm-250 is 5 neutrons dearer to make than Cm-245, with almost the same half-life; also odd-numbered isotopes have generally better neutron economy; hence Cm-250 is not worth the effort at all. But none of this matters for bomb making, as Pu-239 is good enough for any bomb, except for really tiny ones (wrist watch scale), and cheap abundant neutrons would make Pu-239 cheap, abundant and available to literally anyone interested – no curium required, uranium is abundant.

  20. Hi Mr Burns.
    Curium 247 would make a great fission bomb, but I think you mean Cm250 as the best known fission fuel, since it has an 86% chance to spontaneously fission.

    Warm regards, Rick.

  21. Nobody has been able to reproduce his findings. Not to mention he has no degree in STEM and the people that aren’t able to validate his findings are actually educated. He is one of two things; he is lying intentionally, or he is not reading his data correctly.

  22. There is no need to be embarrassed about Rossi. There are crooks of all nationalities, religions and races. I think he deserves mention though to give us some light relief. Sort of: “Joke of the day ! Rossi is at it again”

  23. As the nickname I chose suggests I’m an Italian man living in Italy.
    I’m ashamed to share the same nationality as this Rossi dude: why isn’t he in jail?
    Why mass media give him so much credit and space even if he’s been proved being a scammer times and times again?
    In Italy justice is a joke and that’s a well known fact, but I believe he made deals in us too so I hope some federal prosecutor will become interested in Andrea Rossi scams!!!

  24. Mr Rossi is a known quantity, and not worth the news. Still, Rossi aside, there appears to be some elusive and misunderstood physics behind the entire LENR story, of which Rossi is but a small part. The effects are easily verified and proven by strikingly and unexplainably unnatural isotopic ratios. Everything else is irrelevant. If that is demonstrated, there is one immediate conclusion: some process makes neutrons at low cost, and that is worth far more than any “nuclear power” talk. Nuclear power is 70 years old, but cheap abundant neutrons on demand are still a matter of sci-fi. That is a path to industrial transmutation. The implications would be more than revolutionary: from the mundane transmutation of nuclear waste into valuable materials, to cheap plutonium isotopes (238 for RTGs, 239 for power reactors), cheap abundant tritium, cheaper californium for neutron sources, and currently unobtainable curium-247 (best known fission fuel).

  25. I hadn’t looked in on BLP for a while and wow they are still going quite strong. If you believe their last 30 days of news they are about ready to start powering everyone’s hoverboards and the new x17 particle/error is already covered by his theory of everything.

  26. entire existance proves he is a fraud, criminal, and scam artist. Research it. He also has NO scientific degree, as he claims.

  27. Jag, you need to lighten up.Rossi has been running this gig for a long time. If he is for real he sure has a strange way of showing it.
    But really we are all thrilled to see Rossi is back on stage.

  28. Rossi has a history of being a con artist. In addition, he regularly fails to live up to his claims, distracting people from his failures by making even larger claims. Finally, if he really was producing energy via fusion, his copper output has the isotope ratios of natural copper, and not the ratios you would expect if he was transmuting elements.

    If he CAN produce electricity, then he can take his demonstration reactor, and sell it’s power. With the proceeds, build 2 more reactors and sell the electricity from them. With those profits, he can build 4 reactors, etc. Continue this until it is clear to everyone that he has something.

    But no, he wants to put on a dog and pony show and get people to give him millions of dollars for the ‘rights’ for his invention.

  29. Randall Mills seems like a grifter. He’s been hawking his hydrino BS for over 25 years, and somehow never manages to produce a product. Rossi is also sketchy. Somehow there is never independent verification of any of this stuff. Funny, that.

  30. Once it starts up it can run continuously with no external input for 6 months!
    he says 80% electricity 20% heat
    in Jan will do test. If it can put out 10 kW of electricity for a couple of days in a row No external input That’s a whole Lotta cups of hot water , with an independent well recognized testing facility that’s proof!
    I believe both Rossi and Randall mills are on to something!

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