Sledgehammers Weakened Cybertruck Windows

Elon Musk tweeted that the Sledgehammers cracked the base of the windows. This weakened the glass so that they broke after being hit by the softball sized metal balls.

This shows that there is a difference between damage resistant and damage proof.

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  1. I imagine you meant to write SEC (Securities Exchange Commission — regulating stocks and such) rather than FCC (Federal Communications Commission — regulating telephone and broadcasting).

  2. Correct. Any claim that Elon is not the man for the job at this stage has to explain why he is the only one to get anywhere.

  3. And I don’t really agree with your assessment that Elon Musk is somehow irresponsible just because one of his rockets blew up. So what? As I said, total development cost is lower this way not to mention a shorter development time..

    The only objective concerns about his leadership actions would be his spat with the FCC. But part of this feud is because the FCC thinks that a CEO not allowed to tweet material information about the company on a private account, but it must originate from the company homepage… To which I say that the FCC is hopelessly out of date…

  4. But Elon is not running a legacy industry, is he? So it would seem that his style is perfect for the job at hand, even if we would accept the premise of your reasoning.

  5. All auto windshields are made from laminated safety glass. It’s an inner and outer layer of tempered glass with a layer of soft plastic in between. The tempered glass is designed to break into small pieces on impact, which minimizes injury to the vehicle’s occupants, and the plastic middle layer helps hold the pieces of broken glass in place. Side and rear windows are made from tempered glass.
    The side windows on the Tesla Cybertruck appear to be made from laminated safety glass.

  6. Musk didn’t claim the glass was gullet proof. He said it was damage resistant. Meaning it is more likely to survive multiple hits without cracking but will eventually fail.

  7. We could argue that the approach that is best at developing the new industry is different from the approach that is best at running the established industry as it goes from radical and new to being another optimized commodity.

    You don’t want Christopher Columbus running a transatlantic P&O cruise liner.

    So on average a sweet spot in required. but it would be better to say that different eras need different approaches.

  8. Exactly what I was thinking. I’m sure that the glass is great but this demonstration was just a bad idea.

  9. Given the prodigious size of the cyber truck’s windshield I don’t think it is in a position to throw rocks. Its own windshield is a rock magnet.

  10. Maybe they’ll offer the pressurized Mars version, then at least you won’t have to worry about drowning. You can just wait until they pull the car out.

    Burning is probably less likely than with gasoline, though battery safety still has some ways to go. Some of the new chemistries and solid state batteries would completely eliminate the problem, assuming you don’t get stuck in a forest fire or something.

  11. If you aren’t pretending you can know which way is better, then why are you critisising one method over the other? Pillock.

  12. he had won all his previous campaigns

    is not in disagreement with he also lost his earlier campaigns in Egypt and Haiti?

  13. Fundamentally, Musk has put Zubrin out of business, because he is
    doing a lot more than what the other was just planning. He is just trying to stick a foot in the door.

  14. In fact, the truck design goes exactly contrarian to Puppeteers
    aesthetics, which would be well liked only by giant slugs.

  15. I am not going to pretend that I am able to calculate which way is better. For sure many experiments that were supposed to be made with the rocket that blew up did not go through. However it seems pretty clear when reviewing the Musk plans of going to Mars that He is intending to keep the same level of proof that he has used so far.

  16. As far as I understand, most bulletproof glass will crack when shot, the important part is that it doesn’t let the bullet pass and doesn’t shatter. In that regard, it would have been more interesting to see it get shot, even on video.

    That car is still ugly as sin tho. I think the general shape might be salvaged, but the fenders just ruin it, at least for me.

  17. I think a 5th wheel will work just fine. Google image “5th wheel” and you will see the that the actual tongue attachment is forward of the trailer 99% of the time. So the furthest toward the front of the truck the trailer gets is about halfway into the bed. They also generally have rounded fronts. And they tend to be a bit higher than the normal sides. Taken together, I think it should be able to tow most 5th wheels just fine. And even if the clearance is not great, that could be increased with a spacer of some kind between the bed and the hitch.

  18. No, he would not run out of volunteers. Families might however start suing, saying their lives were recklessly squandered.

  19. A 1m diameter solid tungsten sphere is probably bulletproof. At least if you are talking bullets from a hand gun. Though I haven’t seen any giant tungsten ball salesmen come to my door.

  20. Why is the sweet spot between Musk and NASA if Musk is the guy that gets the job done the fastest and ends up having the safest rockets in the end?

  21. Again, the rocket was empty, so all that eases lost was material. Would it have been better to go slow and waste more time and money by burning more engineering and calendar time?

  22. If they only have mannequins in them, maybe. If he kills a crew or two, the supply of volunteers will dry up. The smartest character in Larry Niven’s stories was the Hindmost, who let the idiots do the space adventuring.

  23. This story doesn’t match my understanding of Napoleon.

    The Napoleonic invasion of Russia was the 3rd time that Napoleon had his invading army wiped out. Not the 1st.

    He invaded Egypt – lost the campaign and lost most of the army treking through harsh conditions that were totally unlike the European conditions they were used to.

    He sent an army to regain control of Haiti – lost the campaign and lost most of the army treking through harsh conditions that were totally unlike the European conditions they were used to.

    He took an army to invade Russia, and guess what?

    (The other country they had the most difficulty with was Spain, also a hot arid climate compared to most of western Europe.

    Napoleon’s great campaigns involved long, high speed dashes where his army was able to “live off the land” (read raid all the farms and villages for food and drink, and drink from the streams and rivers). This meant he could move far faster and longer than anyone relying on conventional baggage trains and supplies. Go somewhere where the French soldiers couldn’t do that and the whole thing fell apart.

    I will agree that the reason he kept doing it was that it worked so well most of the places he fought. It just seemed to escape him that most of the places he fought were temperate, well watered, Europe.

  24. Napoleon couldn’t keep invading Russia until he got it right. Elon can keep sending ships to Mars until it’s Occupied.

  25. I think Elon should add AI software to raise the mud flaps on the cyber truck when it’s tires Is right beside of an f150 truck so that it spits rocks onto the wind shields…

  26. In my opinion…It’s not worth showing off indestructible glass unless it can take a bullet…

    if it can survive throwing boiling water on it without shattering… its ether the freezing and warming that always cracks car windows… and rocks thrown by other trucks,…

  27. It is probably a good thing. I ordered 2 cybrtrcks. If I am ever burning alive or drowning in one I sure hope someone can bust the window out and pull me out. Like others my first thought was crumple zone? Also anyone towing 14k+ lbs would hopefully be using a fifth wheel/gooseneck connection which wont really work with the bed.

  28. explain the damage to the 2nd window, closer to the roof.. That door
    was not hit, and there are no cracks between the door and the ball impact area.

  29. A sweet spot somewhere between NASA and Musk is needed, Bezos?
    The success formula was always:

    1. Some dynamic young maverick implements some successful new idea
    2. The grown ups in the room kicks him to the curb
    3. Install a dependable pro to run the show to ensure the good fortune isn’t squandered.

    Robert Zubrin

    The greatest danger to SpaceX is its winning streak. Napoleon lost in Russia, because he had won all his previous campaigns. He could have won, easily, if he had taken advice from some of his generals to settle for liberating Poland. But having won every time, no one could convince him he was wrong. So instead he marched on Moscow. Elon is, like Napoleon, a genius. He is also, like Napoleon, not a god. Success can be a self-limiting principle. Having been right so many times, when others disagreed, will Elon be able to listen to them when they are right and he is wrong? That question will determine the fate of SpaxeX.

    btw, ease up on the crazy.

  30. How can this man be trusted with manned flight to Mars? Also his rockets keep exploding because he is against fool proofing and inspecting anything, he is too much about toying with new ideas and letting them break apart!

  31. This shows that there is a difference between damage resistant and damage proof

    You don’t need to be Nostradamus to know that basic point. A salesman that says his product is “*proof” bullet/damage proof etc is either a fool or a liar.

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