Tesla Cybertruck Has Over 146000 Orders in 24 Hours

Elon tweeted that there have been 146,000 Cybertruck orders in the first 24 hours. There were with 42% choosing dual, 41% tri and 17% single motor.

UPDATE- Orders at 187,000 after 48 hours

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  1. Well, most SS is produced from scrap and CrVI is produced during the melting. It is also produced when you weld. I suppose Tesla must have a plan to deal with this. It isn’t like the car itself is dangerous.

    but while we are at it, the amount of SS they will need is quite formidable. If Tesla plans on making 500k trucks annually, and we consider 1mt of plate per vehicle, we are talking consuming 2-3% of the global SS rolled production. Then, when we get into special steels like 301 (I can’t imagine they will use this prototype in production) then we are talking nearly all 301SS production. They’ve got an interesting supply chain challenge ahead of them. While SS might look “cool”, for cars it’s impractical, and not cheap. SS is about 8-12x more expensive than your regular steel sheets used in car bodies.

  2. Cr VI (hexavalent) is dangerous, but elemental Cr is just another metal. The more that is used in any variety of SS, the more rustproof it is. Over 13% is best. Do you have SS forks and spoons?

  3. That’s what’s genius about the styling. A lot of people who buy trucks think of electrics as vehicles for wimpy treehuggers. It’s going to be hard to maintain that attitude for this post-apocalyptic nightmare vehicle.

  4. Bullet proof glass and SS Steal. It’s the first truck tough enough to mount a TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT sticker without fear of vandalism.

  5. Tesla recently patented a machine that fashions the entire body of a car from a single piece of metal. It no longer requires body panels be assembled together and finished.

  6. To me, the Cybertruck is not about the design, it is anyway a mock-up prototype. What Tesla is doing here is far more interesting. They are directly challenging the current US pickup truck maker business model. That is, the big truck makers make huge margins and the trucks more or less subsidize the rest of the fleet. The Chevy’s of the world could easily cut prices to match whatever Tesla produces and still make some profit, but it would render a big chunk of the other car models underwater. This could force other car makers to rethink everything. Doesn’t mean going to EV platforms, but how to produce cars profitably across all the segments. Like the Koreans and Japanese can do.

    This business model disruption carries also into state/federal politics (CAFE, CARB etc) given car fleet fuel economy standards. Basically, Musk just threw down the business gauntlet into the boardroom of US car makers. Smart.

  7. It’s 301stainless which is not cheaper or easier to work than regular automotive steel. Yes, you save some by not putting it through the paint shop, but won’t be much. The pricing differential compared to ICE trucks is that Ford&Co make huge margins on their trucks. What Tesla is doing is challenging the truck makers to stop subsidizing the rest of their fleet with the trucks.

    That is the disruption here.

  8. I’ve changed my mind about the design. I hated it, I disliked it and now I like it. Also, I’ve started to appreciate just how smart the production of it will be. I was wrong, this is a genius construction…

  9. Also to what Dr Pat mentioned, but do read up on SS. SS is not “stainless”, it is corrosion resistant. Any iron contained material that it comes into contact with (eg a door ding, rocks etc) could initiate rusting. And fixing that is very expensive, and you’ll have to live with scratches, dents etc. The truck uses 301SS (like the starship) and the least corrosion resistant of SS, but much easier to tool. Environmentally, SS is terrible. Chromium.

  10. Anyone see the youtubers saying the blocky exoskeleton design might actually be cheaper to manufacturing, making those specs so sweet? Is that plausible? Is a block of brushed steel cheaper to manufacture than the Model S’s sexy curves?

  11. Batman: “Does it come in black?”
    Elon: “Sure!”
    But really, Elon said it would look like Blade Runner. And he releases it in Nov 2019! Remember, it also comes in black.

  12. It’s like the new naval ships. The vast amount of electric power on board means you can run inbuilt railguns.
    “Well I don’t know, I’ll have to only carry 1 shotgun…”
    “I have 5 words for you Sir: Fifteen thousand feet per second.”
    “Where do I sign?”

  13. Musk routinely ignores the SEC fraud settlement, and the pre-order numbers are not audited. Sure, any sane investor ought to know better, but many don’t. It’s like opening a new store and hiring people to wait in line around the block. The number of line-waiters are real, the number of people buying something in the store isn’t. Musk should release the database without the name and payment identifiers, or have them audited because it’s material.

    My comment is irrelevant about whether the truck will be a success or not, popular or not. It is about how you present information material to the future value of the company.

  14. I’m all in favour of this being a success, and glad people are getting their dream car… errr vehicle.
    One note of caution though.

    My state has NO tax on electrical vehicals another $4000 savings.

    This may be true now, but it’ll only last until EVs become common enough that the fuel tax etc. that the states have been relying on starts to run short. Then they’ll come up with a new tax.

  15. I watched a lot of truckers reactions and breakdowns after the event and I can tell you there will be a lot of truck owners getting them. Its 200k preorders already.

  16. There is ample headroom in the back even for 6’6″ people. This thing is bigger than it looks. Shotguns? Don’t know.

  17. Low headroom at the back of the second set of seats means you can fit only one shotgun instead of 2 in a shotgun rack…

    Maaaaaybe no default option for truck nutz…

  18. Experienced this attitude with solar panels. Even though documented by proof of billing to save you tons of money over the long term, approximating the gains of a good investment in returns, some people won’t use them because they’re ‘the other sides thing’. Incredibly stupid people, willing to waste money over their misguided ideologies.

  19. I place an order in the first 1/2 hour of the announcement. This ugly duckling sure has the numbers. I own an 2004 F150 and the frame is rusting heavily and the bed has rusted through under my bed liner.

    This is a great buy. It is SS and electric motors so I can expect it will last at least 500,000 miles. Very little maintenance and the fuel saving will be enormous. It is cleaner on air pollution & uses no polluting fluids. It is a BIG FU to Detroit & their oligopoly friends who have held back innovation to maximize oil profits and fake wars to control oil around the world. Interior room for 6 huge passengers like a limousine, great for long trips. SS body so the dings I get in parking lots essentially disappear. A fantastic bed without the wheel well intrusion. It has a though the body storage & under the trunk bed storage & a small trunk in the front. Musk claims the self driving $7000 option is included. The mid range (I ordered) has 300 miles driving distance which will is enought for my typical long range destinations. AWD and 18 inches of ground clearance for when the zombie apocalypse happens with a soft ride when you run them over. It can tow 10,000 pounds and carry about 3600 pounds in the bed. The easilly implemented SS retracting bed lid provides security. The tie downs are like an aircraft’s. The glass is hardened so no small stone damage. My state has NO tax on electrical vehicals another $4000 savings.

  20. The $100 reservation fee is fully refundable, so i expect the order completion rate to be less than that of Tesla 3, which was $1000 nonrefundable.

    That said, by the numbers, its the best truck.

  21. It is mostly people who don’t have a pickup truck who will want this. People who never seriously considered a pickup because the fuel efficiency was lousy, and the things are dirty, loud, and ride rough. This will not ride rough that was a consequence of the stiff chassis. Honda Ridgelines drive very smoothly. And obviously the Cybertruck is clean, quiet, and efficient.

  22. Just like in chess, the best moves look insane. People complain about not being able to reach their tools, because they can’t consider that there is a frunk to put tools in much more securely. Add that to what you can reach over the tailgate and you have just as much accessible room from the outside. They complain about racks, but I see maybe 1 in 50 with a rack and most of those are welded to order and whoever is making them can make it just as easily for this truck. They say but but 5th wheel trailer will get caught by the sides of the bed. Haven’t looked at many 5th wheels apparently. They rarely extend beyond half the bed of the truck. Any other concrete objections?

  23. OK, while 146 000 may seem much, it’s really not. There were more than 325 000 pre-orders for the model 3, in a country where trucks far outsell sedans.

    But, I have to admit, that the cybertruck is growing on me. If it’s available in Europe in a few years we might buy one.

  24. Hmm, I sense that some investor will make a call to the SEC about this. 150k putting 100 bucks down? Seems unlikely.

  25. While it is good that Tesla has so many preorder I just don’t think the current styling will appeal to the majority of pickup buyers. I also think that electric pickups will be a hard sell for a large portion of pickup buyers because they are conservatives and believe EVs are only for greenies. I think an electric pickup could be a great idea because of the traction power of electric motors. Give me a pickup that is tougher and can haul more weight while costing me less to operate and I will buy it.

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