Tesla Cybertruck Will Be Shown November 21, 2019

Elon tweeted that the Tesla cybertruck will be unveiled on November 21, 2019.

Elon has previously said that he thinks this is the best product that Tesla has ever made.

It will have the functionality of a Ford F-150 but will be faster than a Porsche 911. The Ford F-150 sold over 900,000 truck last year.

The Dodge Ram trucks sold about 547,000 trucks last year.
The Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra line sold about 800,000 trucks last year.

The Tesla Cybertruck will have 240-volt outlets for electrical work tools. The power outlets could also allow the Tesla truck to power a house. This would be useful in California when there are power outages.

The base price will start at under $49,000. Elon Musk stated the base price in a podcast interview.

This will look different than any other truck on the market.