Latest Information and Estimating 3000-4000 Tesla Shanghai Deliveries in 2019

Drone operator Jason Yang spotted over 300 Tesla sedans within GF3’s parking lot in preparation delivery. Car carriers were also seen transporting locally-made Tesla Model 3 to delivery centers across China.

Global Times estimated weekly Tesla China output will be 2,900 units at the phase-1 factory. It will take time to fully ramp.

Tesla plans to produce more than 1,000 cars a week by the end of 2019 from the Shanghai factory and deliver Chinese-made cars before the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year January 25.

Nextbigfuture guesses:
* 500 Tesla’s produced so far
* 500 built and delivered Dec 8-14
* 800 built and delivered Dec 15-21
* 1100 built and delivered Dec 22-28
* 600 built and delivered Dec 29-31
Total of 3500 from Tesla China in 2019.

There are also reports that Tesla received approval for subsidies and a permit to sell and deliver cars to customers in China.

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  1. At a guess, a Tesla is seen as a prestige luxury car, especially in China. Prestige luxury cars are often done in black, it’s just seen as more prestigious.
    Remember that issues such as keeping the black paint clean and polished are less of an issue if you are rich and wages are low.

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