Reading and Writing Genomes

Reading and Writing DNA has improved 2 to 10 times faster than Moore’s Law over the last 35 years. There has been over 10 million times improvement.

Molecular and cell multiplexing enable atomically precise reactions at 1 trillion reactions per droplet.

George Church gave a talk about reading and writing whole genomes.

George Church giving a similar talk with overlap in the slides.

Germline vs Somatic Gene Therapy
1. Billion-fold lower off-target (due to cell #)
2. Clonality allows checking (additional million-fold)
3. Immune Tolerance
4. 100% Delivery to every cell
5. $0 to subsequent generations

1. Very long term clinical trials >20 years
2. 130 newborns/yr vs 7.7 billion total

The Genome in a Bottle Consortium is a public-private-academic consortium hosted by NIST to develop the technical infrastructure (reference standards, reference methods, and reference data) to enable translation of whole human genome sequencing to clinical practice.