Real-Life Technology Will Continue to Lag in Movies and Television

There is a long delay in properly representing real-life technology in movies and television.

The internet burst into popularity in the mid-1990s but the movies and television shows featuring the internet have been pretty consistently lame.

It even took many years for movies to adapt to the fact that everyone has cellphones and smartphones.

The Tesla Roadster was introduced in 2008 and there are now over a million electric cars. Electric cars are rarely featured in television and movies.

Space technology featured in movies is either Apollo-era technology, Space Shuttles or faster than light travel. The rare exception is the Expanse with travel around the solar system at millions of miles per hour.

The reality of SpaceX domination of commercial space launch has existed for a few years. SpaceX is rapidly developing fully reusable rockets. This has not been shown in movies.

The one exception is of the National Geographic Mars series.

Drama writers generally have a poor understanding of technology and the world. If they have some understanding of it then it can be needlessly time-consuming to check a story for consistency with current technology.

Trying to make historical fiction consistent with a past or current technology state is only done for certain mystery or spy stories or actual historical dramas.

Long-running science fiction series have difficulty representing education, learning and progress. Star Trek has made some efforts to represent learning and technological progress.

Star Wars is actually the dystopian story of about 100,000 years of decline for a galactic civilization. It is a Mad Max galaxy. Most of the galaxy is desert planets where people are trying to hack leftover junk. There were massive battles between thousands of Sith and Jedi in the days of the Old Republic. Now it is a handful that are still fighting. The miracle is that they still maintain interstellar travel and intergalactic communication. There is an unseen hyper-efficient communication system where all characters get updated on galactic events. You may be one of millions of trillions of people in the Empire but you will get the police report for theft on another planet.

The first Republic would have been amazing with scientists and engineers creating planet-sized shuttles.

There are no engineering schools in Star Wars. There were religious temples and there was military training. Military training failed to teach marksmanship. The soldiers declined to the point where they defeated by feral, low technology teddy bears.

The best example of internal story universe consistency with a non-static story world was the Stargate SG-1 series of television shows.

There will need to be a revolution in writing and simulations to have both stories that are compelling combined with the depiction of technology, economics and technological progress.


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