Sam Korus Shows Tesla Cybertruck Superior to Ford F-150 on Price and Performance

Sam Korus of Ark Invest shows analysis that Tesla Cybertruck will be superior to the Ford F-150 on price and various aspects of performance.

Sam also reported that the Porsche Taycan (electric car) has under-delivered on the promised battery range. They promised 275 mile range and delivered 200-mile range.

11 thoughts on “Sam Korus Shows Tesla Cybertruck Superior to Ford F-150 on Price and Performance”

  1. Ford will ramp up production if demand is there. They did for their new Ranger.

    They want to sell cars, just don’t know how many people really want to buy them.

  2. I was going to say they are all late and underwhelming.

    It is a good thing that Tesla has competition, but it is very slow in coming and slow in ramping. Ford’s Mach E will be a good vehicle, but they only plan to make 50k of them per year. Tesla will be looking to sell 500k Model Y.

  3. Spot on. Most of their stuff, lovely.

    The cybertruck looks like Johnny Mnemonic got a desk job in suburbia.

    Didn’t know they hired Mazda’s designer, that’s interesting news to me. Looking at their vehicle chassis, makes sense!

  4. All of Tesla’s vehicles are pretty (with the glaring exception of their truck).

    I recall that when they first started up they hired away Mazda’s lead designer.

  5. So there’s someone who’s mistaken between Korus and DeMuro: DeMuro finds the Tesla CT does not compare with IC pickups in the same price range.
    It doesn’t fit in most people’s daily parking spaces etc.
    It remains to be seen what it’s actual range is when towing — for reference the Model X reportedly loses a significant (on the order of ~50%) proportion of its range, when towing. Even taking the numbers given by Tesla so far, in equal price brackets, the Tesla does not compete with IC pickups in towing capacity.
    And DeMuro also gets very different numbers (marginal at best) for the Tesla’s long term cost diff).

  6. forget chemical batteries… Passive nuclear batteries… you never need to charge your car based on the half life of plutonium….

  7. Superior… just make sure you don’t leave your trash can on the curb when Elon is driving around in LA….

  8. That next Tesla Roadster, though… that thing looks sweet. Speed is one thing, but 620 miles of range? Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, Batman! If, in fact, it actually does end up shipping with that range.

  9. Put another way: what do the Porsche Taycan, Audi electric SUV, VW id3, crozz and buzz all have in common?

    They are made by the same company. Competition is coming to Tesla, quickly. This is a good thing.

  10. Porsche has 30,000 Taycan reservations. Put in context, The Taycan is a $100k electric supercar that Tesla is trying to match. Tesla will probably sell about 40,000 Model S cars this year so Porsche will generate more revenue from the Taycan then Tesla will from the model S.

    People don’t buy a Porsche for the range just like they never bought them for the fuel economy. 200 miles is plenty.

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