Tesla Car Insurance is Part of Monetizing Data on Drivers

Paul Eichenberg, Paul Eichenberg Strategic Consulting, describes how Tesla is using driver data for the most accurate car insurance pricing and they are using cameras and sensors to let Tesla drivers teach Tesla how to make self-driving vehicles.

Joe Langley, IHS Markit, describes how Tesla has taken control of seven challenges to electric car adoption. They have built the super-charger network.

Autoline talks about an even larger surge in Tesla stock price. They mention how the new 12-month target could be $1000 per share.

If Tesla reaches about $555 per share the stock will be worth $100 billion and Elon Musk would get his first $1 billion compensation bonus. Elon Musk would get stock bonuses at each additional $50 billion increase in Tesla market value up to $650 billion.

Rivian got $1.5 billion in funding and has strong support from Amazon and Ford to develop a strong electric vehicle platform.

Hercules is another interesting electric vehicle startup.

There is need for scaling components and integrating more parts. Winners in electric cars will have more integrated parts and more scale.

Volkswagen has made the MEV platform.

VW Group invested $2.6 billion in capital and assets into Argo AI in July 2019. Argo AI is a Pittsburgh-based autonomous vehicle startup that received $1 billion from Ford in 2017. Argo AI is now valued at $7 billion.

VW Group and Ford have a broad alliance that covers autonomous and electric vehicles.

VW placed the Autonomous Intelligent Driving as part Argo Ai. The self-driving subsidiary that was launched in 2017 to develop autonomous vehicle technology for the Volkswagen Group. AID was valued at $1.6 billion. Argo AI is developing a virtual driver system and high-definition maps designed for Ford and VW self-driving vehicles.

There is a surge in alliances of OEMs and car technology companies that need to join to move more quickly.

All of the alliances sound weaker than the position in technologies and scale in electric cars that Tesla has.

General Motors and Ford sell more cars but they each have about $100 billion in debt. Ford debt has been classified as junk by Moody’s. The old car companies are massive slow-moving debt-financed businesses.