Tesla Shanghai Production at 1000 per Week and Ramping to 3000 per Week in January

Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory GF3 production rate reached 1000 units per week of MIC Model 3 from multiple sources.

Analysts at Oppenheimer on Monday indicated the photos of hundreds of China produced Tesla are increasing analyst expectations for a relatively smooth ramp for the Shanghai facility.

Tesla China reached 1000 per week level after only about 2 weeks. Tesla China could reach 3000 per week production in China in January, 2020. This would mean at least 150,000 cars produced in China.

Tesla China is also expanding the Shanghai factory. The expanded production line could double the Shanghai production by mid-2020.

If Tesla increases US production from 360,000 in 2019 to 500,000 in 2020 and China production in 2020 is 220,000 then 2020 production would be double 2019 production.

6 thoughts on “Tesla Shanghai Production at 1000 per Week and Ramping to 3000 per Week in January”

  1. I’m going to lose a lot of respect for Musk if he played ball with China and makes all the car sensor data available to their totalitarian panopticon.

  2. I’m thinking that most Chinese consumers don’t give a flying crap about “pedo guy” remarks against some British ex-pat. Maybe even good for sales.
    I ‘aint sayin’ it’s right. It just is.

  3. Tesla China tweeted on Dec 6: “This official EV incentive recommendation from government does not only mean the subsidies but it is also a permit to sell and deliver China-made Model 3 to customer.”

  4. Seems like Elon and Tesla are getting better at under promising and over delivering. It is amazing that 12 months after GF Shanghai was just a muddy field it’s hitting 1000 Model 3 per week.

    Tesla seems to be hinting at Model Y delivered early in the US, If Shanghai hits 3k/week in January for Model 3, maybe they pivot to starting up Model Y.

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