7 Nanometer Chips and 64 Core AMD Threadripper

At CES AMD has announced the 64 core AMD Threadripper line, (3990X). It will have super-high GHz clocks, and only $4,000 a package pricing.

Nextbigfuture reader and commenter Goatguy notes that combining the AMD super chip with 512 GB of RAM ($3,000, ECC, DDR4-3200) and 4 TB of NVME ($2,000) and a top-top shelf Nvidia dual graphics-and-compute card ($1,800 for pair), the motherboard to support ($600) and case-and-power-supply ($600) would cost ,.. just shy of $12,000. The system would surpass the world’s reigning supercomputer from 20 years ago. The top supercomputer 20 years ago was the ASCI White at 13 TeraFLOPS.

This would be ONE MONTH’S PAY for a competent software engineer in Silicon Valley.

…, that’s just jaw-dropping.
Absolutely bonkers.
The NEXT big future in computing.

If one was doing AI work, you could fit almost all of the literature of the world … ever written … in memory alone.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X
# of CPU Cores 64
# of Threads 128
Base Clock 2.9GHz
Max Boost Clock Up to 4.3GHz
Total L1 Cache 4MB
Total L2 Cache 32MB
Total L3 Cache 256MB

AMD announced many high-performance 7nm CPUs in the desktop space, high-end desktop space, and server space. The flagship Ryzen 4800u will have eight cores/16 threads on only 15W TDP (thermal design power).

The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) center announced it has contracted with Cray to build a supercomputer based on AMD’s EPYC “Rome” server processors. ARCHER2 will use 5,848 liquid-cooled Shasta Mountain compute nodes, each of which houses a pair of 64-core/128-thread EPYC processors clocked at 2.2GHz. In total, ARCHER2 will crunch through workloads using 748,544 cores and 1.57 petabytes of memory. UKRI estimates peak performance to be around 28 PFLOP/s.

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