Awaken Deliberately Hidden Truth Through R. Scott Lemriel’s Uplifting Work

If you turn on the news, you probably won’t like what you see and hear. Violence and chaos are erupting all around the world and political tension is at an all-time high. Nations are fighting against each other and governmental structures are collapsing. In a time when the world is desperate for a message of hope, author R. Scott Lemriel is bringing those positive messages through his books, lectures, and screenplays. The world might be in chaos now, but that’s not what the future holds.

Known as a direct experience-based hidden truth revealing researcher, R. Scott Lemriel has plenty of positive, consciousness-expanding messages for the world. His messages of hope and promise are based on his direct, personal experience receiving important information about Earth’s hidden history and an impending event that will transform our society forever.

R. Scott Lemriel presents his uplifting messages to humanity through several pieces of work, including original music, radio interviews, and two books titled The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway. All of Lemriel’s creative projects are available on his website, including samples of his original music with titles like Lemuria and Stranger on a Lost Island.

Lemriel’s work is changing the way people perceive life, humans, and the Prime Creator of all life.

What does a hidden truth-revealing researcher do?
Lemriel’s life’s work is to help people awaken higher faculties and eventually realize the true purpose of existing as human beings on planet Earth. He incorporates the knowledge gained from his research into each of his creative endeavors as a way of sharing it with the world. For example, in The Seres Agenda, Lemriel reveals hidden knowledge about Earth’s future that doesn’t end in destruction as some might imagine. Even more hidden truths are revealed within The Emerald Doorway. This book is the first in the Parallel Time Trilogy.

“The purpose of these new book publications, feature film projects, and uplifting new music is to assist fellow human beings to co-create recovering what they knew before they found themselves on planet Earth with little or no former memory intact,” Lemriel told one journalist.

Lemriel’s ultimate goal is to unmask the deeply hidden truth about the origins of human life on Earth and help people remember their connection to the universe and awaken to a higher consciousness to experience a multidimensional transformation on a grand scale. Disclosing what he knows about Earth’s history and its bright future necessarily discloses the existence of extraterrestrials.

The effects of humanity’s consciousness expansion will have intergalactic consequences and it’s all part of a carefully orchestrated plan.

Truth seekers get ready for a positive outcome

Many truth seekers today might hold the opinion that Earth and our society is doomed, and given the current state of the world, that seems like a reasonable conclusion. Lemriel, however, disagrees and has a much more empowering message to bring to those who seek the truth.

Although he agrees with those who believe the human race has been manipulated by extraterrestrials for a long time, Lemriel also explains that there are positive extraterrestrials attempting to help society from behind the scenes. Instead of the doomsday prophecies espoused by other truth-seeking sources, Lemriel reminds us all of another, more hopeful possibility: recovering something very special that was taken from all of us long ago without our consent. He reveals what this is in his books.

It’s time for humanity to wake up
For those who aren’t quite ready to hear the direct messages of whistleblowers and contactees about Earth’s ancient history, Lemriel’s books are the perfect source of information. Written in a fictional style, yet based on his direct experience, Lemriel delivers messages of hidden truth as exciting stories that even skeptics will enjoy.

For those who wish to keep hitting the snooze button, it’s only a matter of time before they, too, will open their eyes and start listening to these messages. Perhaps they’ll want to stay awake once they realize the message is one of hope and not fear.

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