Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Design and Make Original Car in China

Elon Musk gave a talk from the Shanghai factory as they began delivering cars from the factory. He indicated Tesla will make a car design center in China and they will design and make an original car design in China for world export.


7 thoughts on “Elon Musk Says Tesla Will Design and Make Original Car in China”

  1. And what kind of company would plan never to beat the competition in terms of technology, only in non patentable production know how? A company with cheap labor, perhaps? And, of course, a company that just keeps innovating so fast that the others cannot catch up.

    So it’s just suitable for Tesla and for chinese companies, then?

  2. some day musk will realize he Made the mistake of training the design staff at China Neo cars because they learned from Tesla and then jumped ship from Tesla to work for communist party backed neo cars, and they will start under cutting Tesla because they get money directly from Chinese government and Tesla gets no government Chinese money… everybody knows the Chinese learn from foreign companies because they want to eventually suck their trade secrets dry And give the advantage to fully Chinese backed companies… after they get Tesla to train enough Chinese people Into the methods of their trade secrets…they start a new companies that is fully a Chinese communist managed company… And dump products that are copies for less money until telsa retreats and goes out if business in China…that’s why the Chinese commies love foreign investment so much… Easier to learn from And copy the western pigs by working for them and then undercut and destroy later rather that develop the knowledge from scratch… confusus says learn from your enemy By pretending to be their friends and working for them to learn their secrets … then attack…

  3. Only if you also had IP that you wanted and could defend in the first place…

    If you’ve got nothing to lose, then it isn’t a bad deal…

  4. Well, Tesla doesn’t give their patents away, really. To use a Tesla patent, a company has to share its patents with the Tesla patent pool. Furthermore, that company would have to forfeit ever suing another company for IP theft.

    So, the “price tag” for using the Tesla IP is to give up all current IP and all future IP.

    Some would say thats a pretty hefty sticker….

  5. It’s a continual amazing study in contrasting philosophies between Musk and Tesla, and the way almost every other company does business overseas. While every other corporation cries about losing I.P., especially to China, Musk just gives I.P. away and counts on the best engineers to stay steps ahead of the competition. One look at the product development cycle or even the stock price of Tesla vs. the Criers ought to convince anyone which approach works better.
    Consumers of course, benefit from the Tesla approach too. Protecting I.P. only keeps prices high and monopolies lazy.

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