Elon Musk Tweets that Feature-Complete Full Self Driving Will Be Released Soon

Trent Eady writes on self-driving and artificial intelligence on Seeking Alpha.

Trent asked Elon Musk when its feature-complete full self-driving would be released. Elon Musk replied that it would soon be released.

Trent reported that Tesla is working on a dedicated computer, Dojo, for training neural networks using self-supervised learning. Tesla will use a technique called active learning. Tesla will be an automatically curate only the most useful video clips for self-supervised learning from its fleet of roughly 750,000 camera-equipped, Internet-connected cars.

Tesla has about 750,000 cars with eight surround cameras that likely drive about an hour per day on average. There is 20 million hours of 360-degree video per month across the whole fleet and about 170 million hours of video per month across the eight cameras on each vehicle. Self-supervised learning can pull useful cases from that video.

Baidu had a study which indicated that Deep Learning improvements are predictable based upon the amount of data that is leveraged. Applying the Baidu research, IF Tesla is able to collect 1,000x as much training data as its competitors then its neural network performance will end up being 10x better in those areas where they have 1000x the data.