Elon Musk Wants Each Starship to Fly 1000 Flights Per Year and Retire Starships to Mars

Elon Musk tweeted that SpaceX is targeting for each fully reusable Starship to fly 3 flights per day. This will be 1000 flights per year. A fleet of ten Super Heavy starship would be able to take up to 1 million tons to orbit every year. They plan to build 100 Starships every year so that after 10 years they would reach 1000 Starships.

Nextbigfuture believes that the likely scenario would be for Super Heavy Starships to make their fully reusable flights to orbit and then make their final reliable trip to Mars. A fleet of used Super Heavy Starships would gather every two years for the solar orbit window for the flight to Mars.

The Starships would be fully amortized with many orbital flights or point to point sub-orbital flights.

A fleet of 1000 Starships would be able to move 100 million tons to orbit per year.

1000 Starships flying to Mars could deliver 100,000 tons. This would involve orbital refueling in order to bring full payload to Mars.