Why is Coronavirus 2019 ncov More Dangerous Than SARS?

Information is Beautiful has a chart of how contagious and deadly many different diseases are.

The chart has coronavirus 2019 ncov as slightly less deadly and spreadable than SARS. Spanish flu was ranked less deadly and less contagious than SARS.

Coronavirus 2019 ncov is a Big Problem Because It Spreads for About Ten Days Before You Show Symptoms

The deadliness and contagiousness of a disease does not predict how many people die from the disease. SARS is more deadly and contagious than the Spanish flu.

SARS was successfully contained but Spanish flu was not. Spanish flu killed tens of million but SARS killed about 800.

SARS was only contagious when symptoms were shown. This made it easier to contain. Coronavirus ncov 2019 is contagious during the incubation period of 1-14 days. An average of ten days before you show symptoms with Coronavirus ncov 2019 you are contagious.

Spanish flu occurred during world war 1. People were less knowledgable about containing disease outbreaks. Countries kept the disease secret during the world war so that the enemy did not know how many soldiers were dying from flu.

The current estimate is that Coronavirus 2019 ncov is slightly less deadly and spreadable than SARS. However, current estimates are the coronavirus 2019 ncov was not well contained in its early phases. This means current estimates are that coronavirus 2019 ncov will have a higher death toll and impact than SARS.