Many Futurists Look at 2020-2070 in After Shock Essays

After Shock is a collection of essays by Futurists. It is published in 2020 which is the 50 year anniversary of Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock book.

There are many essays reviewing and framing the key developments of the internet, social media, artificial intelligence, smartphones and computers over the past fifty years.

There are essays that discussed Future Shock missing climate change and societal cultural changes from television and other technology.

Aubrey de Grey is known as a key advocate for antiaging technology and he has set up the SENS Institute which has raised tens of millions in support of this. SENS has helped launch many antiaging companies. Aubrey writes about concerns about overpopulation ignore that population growth has flattened, is declining in all places except Africa and some parts of Asia. Asia population growth will rapidly hit peaks in countries like India that are stilling growing.

There is 28 page summary of the 2015 Foresight Guide by John Smart.