Robotic Chicken Farming

Startup Faromatics makes ChickenBoy which is the first roof-suspended robot that observes chickens, litter and equipment autonomously 24×7.

The robot monitors air quality, health and welfare through a multitude of sensors and cameras, inspects equipment operation and informs farmers, stock persons or vets via mobile alarms.

• No-collision, automated chicken surveillance
• Programmable paths and automatic recharge
• 3 degrees of freedom (x,y,z)
• Cameras (3 visible, 2 thermal) + sound (in/out)
• Ambient conditions (T, RH, CO2, air speed)
• Early detection of health anomalies
• Identification of dead birds
• Detection of equipment anomalies
• 4 extension slots for instruments
• Cloud user interface with video/audio streaming

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