Robotic Chicken Farming

Startup Faromatics makes ChickenBoy which is the first roof-suspended robot that observes chickens, litter and equipment autonomously 24×7.

The robot monitors air quality, health and welfare through a multitude of sensors and cameras, inspects equipment operation and informs farmers, stock persons or vets via mobile alarms.

• No-collision, automated chicken surveillance
• Programmable paths and automatic recharge
• 3 degrees of freedom (x,y,z)
• Cameras (3 visible, 2 thermal) + sound (in/out)
• Ambient conditions (T, RH, CO2, air speed)
• Early detection of health anomalies
• Identification of dead birds
• Detection of equipment anomalies
• 4 extension slots for instruments
• Cloud user interface with video/audio streaming

16 thoughts on “Robotic Chicken Farming”

  1. Farmers are not the ally of any individual cow (the Stud Bull is a different matter), but they are very much allies with the bovine species.

    Which is why we need to start farming tigers, elephants and rhino.

    Though… I’m not volunteering to round up any of them.

  2. From an evolutionary standpoint, they are. Cows will never go extinct so long as humans are raising them to eat, but let us give up on milk and beef, and they’ll be in trouble.

  3. At the end of the video he say, “farmers and animals are natural allies.” Yes, kill the allies; eat the allies. Too funny. Don’t get me wrong, I love meat, but farmers and animals are not allies.

  4. “It is conceivable that you can set up a farm on Mars where none of the birds have ever seen a human.”

    fixed it for you.

  5. They have robots that can kill, pluck and butcher the birds too. It is conceivable that you can set up a farm where none of the birds have ever seen a human.

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