Space Startup Investments in 2019 Dominated by Blue Origin, OneWeb and SpaceX

In 2019, Space Investment reached $5.8 billion. 2019 set a record for Space investment. In total from 2009-2019, $25.7 billion was invested into 535 unique space companies since 2009.

$767 million was invested into Space companies in the fourth quarter.

In 2019, the largest funding was $1.4 billion by Blue Origin, $1.25 billion by OneWeb and $1 billion by SpaceX. There was about $2.2 billion in funding for other space startups.

Alibab led a funding of Qianxun SI for a $141 million series A round. Qianxun SI is developing a satellite positioning system for the internet of things to obtain location accuracy to the centimeter.