Status and Trends in Super Technology at the Start of 2020

It is becoming more important to have a good understanding of the status of developments in ultra-high impact super-technology. The ultra-high potential technology is next level artificial intelligence, next level nanotechnology, breakthrough space and super-genetics and radical anti-aging.

Those are global and civilization game-changers.

Mundane technology can get to the trillion-dollar level of impact. Worldwide public cloud computing revenue is projected to grow 17% in 2020 to $266 billion. This would be $500 billion by 2024 and $1 trillion by 2028.

Oil and gas from hydraulic fracking is close to being a $2 trillion industry.

The monetary worth of even a 10% reduction in all-cause mortality is over $20 trillion. Increases in longevity and health improvements had more than $2 trillion each year in value over each of the last 30 years.

The biotechnology trend in whole genome sequencing is to reach about 60 million patients sequenced by 2025. This would be from incremental improvements in CRISPR and related gene sequencing and existing trends.

27,000 edits per cell.

We will have profound knowledge of our biology and all life in our ecosystem.

We will have next levels of understanding of intervention and next-level capabilities to modify ourselves, biology and synthetic biology.

Those will be commercialized for agriculture and medical transformation.

Biotech modifications will be the inexpensive solution to climate change. Boosting trees, plants etc… There will be new energy but those tend to be $100-1000 per ton of CO2. While Bio solutions can be $0.1-1 per ton of CO2. Genetic boosting bio solutions could be 0.01 to 0.1 per ton of CO2.

The Roswell Technologies molecular electronics will also be a pathway towards more nanotechnology and a way to bootstrap towards molecular nanotechnology.


Modification of two cellular pathways increased the longevity of worms by 5 times. This reinforces the expectation that combination gene therapy will be able to provide massive longevity increases. Rejuvenate Bio is rapidly enabling combination gene therapy.

Super Intelligence

The 2020s will be filled with Narrow Superintelligences. Self-driving cars beyond human capability. Super-Intelligences will specialize in disease, medicine and advancing health and antiaging. These narrow inteligences will be combined with next-level general speaking and communication systems.

Full Self Driving Cars

Having all self-driving cars will make every highway like high-speed rail. Cars and trucks will be able to move safely at 150 to 250 miles per hour. This is the speed of China’s current high-speed rail network. The rollout of tens of millions of self-driving cars and trucks will make over 100,000 miles of highways into the equivalent of high-speed rail networks.

SpaceX Full Reusability, Super Constellation and One Hour Anywhere

SpaceX will roll-out hourly deliveryof packages for years before flying passengers and this will make them tens of billions of dollars each year. SpaceX will have a monopoly on 1-6 hour package delivery for tens of billions of dollars. This will fund the human passenger global infrastructure and provide massive profits while performing millions of test flights to prove human passenger safety.

Ultra-rapid delivery of packages is clearly the precursor to point-to-point human travel. It will support massive volume increases, cost reductions and safety testing.