Tesla Has Reached 3000 Per Week Production Run Rate in China

Tesla says they have reached a 3000 car per week production run rate in China. This seems to indicate that the capacity of the China factory will be higher than 3000 per week. Tesla is expanding the factory.

The yearly run rate is already 563,000 (104.9K * 4 + 52 * 3K).

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  2. I don’t think he is going to do that at least for the US market. I think it maters a great deal to him what people think of him.
    However, cheaper is not impossible. Once you pay off all the machines and such, perhaps accelerate the production line or streamline it a bit, make batteries cheaper, prices can come down.
    But I think the current focus is on getting factories up and running all over the world, and getting more models into production. We need those pickups and semis badly. That big accident on the Turnpike yesterday…I just keep thinking that maybe if those were Tesla trucks that would not have been so bad. Granted the bus turned over before it was hit, and there certainly were injuries from that moment. But these new Tesla semis have great safety features that probably would have prevented the subsequent impacts. One of the trucks clearly jackknifed, and that cab appeared to be in very bad shape. The Tesla Semi is supposed to be very resistant to jackknifing. https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2020/01/06/multiple-people-dead-and-injured-in-crash-on-pa-turnpike-between-new-stanton-and-breezewood/
    I have commented before on how we need to do more about the safety of passengers on buses that go on the freeway. We need autopilot or other automatic crash avoidance systems. We need stuff to monitor driver alertness, intoxication, and make it harder to earn these licenses. We also need to ban aluminum, and have strong windows that are slightly recessed so they don’t easily

  3. How far are they planning to expand the site though? GF1 seems to be covering about half of the expected building area, but how much land on the plot is GF3 occupying now, half or a third?

  4. China built Teslas will Have better build quality than US built Teslas because they are being built in the third version of a factory. No doubt Tesla has a better handle on making them now.

  5. That’s not remotely correct for global sales. BMW builds 450k cars in China alone per year.

    Edit: 2.5 million vehicles globally

  6. They’ll export if and when they meet local demand, even left hand models for e.g. Australia and Japan markets.

  7. Quickly coming close to surpassing the BMW Group’s total yearly production of 600K-something cars per year.

  8. I think they’re working 1 shift, probably with some overtime as needed to work out the bugs and can ramp that up to 3 8 hour shifts when they’re ready. That would match the target of about 150k/year. They‘d hope to do somewhat better than 1000/Wk in an 8 hr shift. That’s running the line at about 25/hr which isn’t very fast.

  9. What’s wrong with “cheaper made in China Teslas”? Cheaper means more people will be able to afford to buy them.

  10. With Chinese car sales sinking these new T’s will make good anchors. Keep trying, you can still go deeper!

  11. Im assuming all Chinese made cars will be just for the domestic market there? or will that be for Asia as a whole?

  12. If you extrapolate the maximum demonstrated hourly production rate to one week, you get a number larger than 3k. At this time, they are producing at 1k per week when averaging over one week.

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