Time Travel Could Be Enabled by Circulating Lasers

Weak and strong gravitational fields can be produced by a single continuously circulating unidirectional beam of light. In the weak gravitational field of a unidirectional ring laser, it is predicted that a spinning neutral particle, when placed in the ring, is dragged around by the resulting gravitational field.

Ron Mallett has new exact solutions of the Einstein field equations for the exterior and interior gravitational fields of the light cylinder.

Ron Mallet has found the exterior gravitational field contains closed timelike lines. The strong gravitational field can be produced by a circulating cylinder of light.

The closed timelike lines indicates the possibility of time travel into the past.

There is coverage of Mallett work by CNN.

A paper on Arxiv argues that it would take too much energy to generate gravitational effects.

The general theory of relativity indicates that both matter and energy can create a gravitational field. The energy of a light beam can produce a gravitational field.

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