Carnival of Space 650

1. Universe Today – CHEOPS Just Opened Its Eyes to Start Studying Known Exoplanets, We Should See the First Picture in a Few Weeks

The CHEOPS (CHaracterising ExOPlanets Satellite) spacecraft just opened the cover on its telescope. The spacecraft was launched on December 18th 2019 and has so far performed flawlessly. In one or two weeks we could get our first images from the instrument.

CHEOPS is an ESA mission in partnership with Switzerland’s University of Bern. Its mission is not to find exoplanets, but to look more closely at stars with known exoplanets, and to watch as those planets transit in front of their star. It will watch those transits with a keen eye, and will determine the size of those planets with greater accuracy and precision. That will lead to better measurements of their mass, density, and composition.

2. Universe Today – Astronomers See Space Twist Around A White Dwarf 12,000 Light Years Away

3. Universe Today – Destructive Super Solar Storms Hit Us Every 25 Years Or So

4. Universe Today – Voyager 2 Went Into Fault Protection Mode, But Engineers Brought it Back Online

5. Universe Today – This is the Spot Where ESA’s Schiaparelli Crashed Into Mars

6. Space writer- Hot Planets are out there!

7. The Hill – House panel proposes NASA bill that would scrap the lunar base — or maybe not

8. Pradx me – Podcast show notes from the beginnings of astrobiology in India from the NewSpace India podcast

9. Space Writer – Flammable Ice

10. Nextbigfuture – SpaceX Will IPO Starlink.

SpaceX COO Gwynn Shotwell says that SpaceX will likely spinoff the Starlink satellite network with an IPO.

SpaceX is launching 60 Starlink satellites with every Falcon 9 launch. They are four successful launches from minimum global coverage.

420 satellites are needed for minor broadband coverage of Earth and 780 of the first ~1600 for moderate coverage.


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