Elon Musk May Build a TeslaGigafactory in Texas

Elon Musk tweeted out that Tesla is considering a Gigafactory in Texas.

7 thoughts on “Elon Musk May Build a TeslaGigafactory in Texas”

  1. County level? So closer to the citizens and their needs then, as opposed to big bad federal government? Which is it? You can’t have it both ways. And democratic control, in Texas? Interesting choice of words. It seems some common sense is beginning to take a hold, lest you become a backwater like Kansas, Wisconsin or Louisiana from cutting taxes to the bone and then being left without essential services and huge deficits. Civilization has a price.

  2. All state level taxes seem trivial at first. And then they don’t, after a while.

    As long as property taxes stay on the county level, they are as close as possible to being under democratic control.

  3. Any battery factory built in Texas or the general region will see the majority of its batteries employed for power back up. A logical use considering the penetration of wind power in that swathe of the country. So no need to truck huge and heavy batteries far, they’ll stay local.

  4. Not keeping up with current events at the consumer level in Texas, are you? Citizens are angry over the rise of property taxes to current insane levels, and there appears to be no stop to this madness. I’ll take some trivial state taxation over insane levels of property taxes. It’s interesting in this case that it’s not the high price of real estate that’s beginning to thwart home ownership, but property taxes. A whole new class of people beholden to rent collectors is now being created.

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