Momentus Scaling Microwave Plasma Propulsion to 100 Ton Payloads

Momentus is a startup with $40 million in funding for development of microwave plasma propulsion.

The microwave plasma propulsion can have three times the efficiency of chemical rockets while having as much power as chemical rockets. Other hyper-efficient propulsion is far more limited in how much power they can use.

They will drastically reduce cost, increase safety, prolong commercial and governmental deep space missions, and provide booster stage propulsion for launch companies.

In 2022, cislunar and interplanetary rides with up to ten tons of payload will be possible with the Valoride™. This will enable the next phase of space exploration: water prospecting and delivery throughout the solar system, solar power stations, in-space manufacturing, and space tourism.

They have a plan a one hundred ton payload hyper-efficient orbit and beyond space tug. This would make large scale space operations a lot more efficient and capable.