Nextbigfuture Comments Re-activated

The comment system has been re-activated for Nextbigfuture. The minimal commenting is active.

Let me know if there are any issues.

Apologies for the inconvenience of comment system software issue of the last 18 hours.

15 thoughts on “Nextbigfuture Comments Re-activated”

  1. This site actually did use Discus in the past.

    But Discus has some performance demerits, which Brian and/or his web developer felt were insurmountable, and were persuaded to migrate over to Spot.IM instead. I think this is currently the third or fourth comment system iteration?

  2. Anything built on PHP is of the devil. When things go wrong, they go WAY wrong. Exempli Gratia, WordPress.

    Just kidding, developers, don’t flame me! Actually, the ad issue recently wasn’t a huge problem for me. I suppose it’s because while working for the intenet, I’ve seen far worse. ^_^

  3. Still having “mobile” viewing problems, very slow, cannot close ads, constant reloading of page being viewed.
    who hosts/runs your website,

  4. Well, not always; I often have trouble logging in to Disqus on my IPad. But it IS a widely enough used commenting system to have had most of the bugs worked out.

    Glad to see this temporary shut off didn’t deep six the existing comments.

  5. yeah, i was getting annoyed viewing Nextbigfuture on mobile for awhile. thought my adblock was at fault. glad its fixed.

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