SpaceX Has Another Successful Starlink Launch

SpaceX had another successful Starlink satellite launch but they failed to recover the booster.

This is the fourth batch of 60 production satellites. There are also about 50 prototype satellites.

4 thoughts on “SpaceX Has Another Successful Starlink Launch”

  1. It’s hard to say until or SpaceX let’s us know. From what I understand the default landing point is to miss the barge and then just before landing if all is well to maneuver to a barge set down. Given that they were at the margins for booster recovery the booster’s speed and or fuel state at the landing software’s last check point before maneuvering to the barge may have been outside set parameters. In other words, it does seem plausible that there just wasn’t quite enough fuel. Remember the last Starlink booster hit the barge hard enough to completely collapse the crush core on one of the landing legs.

  2. in the video frame it looks like you can easily see the spray of the booster above the water so it doesnt seem like running out of fuel was an issue but that the booster was off target for some other reason

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