SpaceX Super Heavy Starship Construction and Weight

Felix Schlang did some calculations of the weight of the ring segments with the Serial number one starship which is using 4 millimeter thick steel. These segments weigh 1622 kilograms. They are less than one-third of the thickness of steel used for the Starshopper. The optimized Starship will have some sections where steel is half as thick at 2 millimeters. These would weigh 810 kilograms.

There are about 15 of the 1.82 meter tall rings on a SpaceX starship. This would mean the outer hull steel would weigh about 15-20 tons.

The Super Heavy booster is taller than the Starship. It would weigh about 20-25 tons for the outer hull. There may need to be some heat shield in some spots and there is all of the internal full tanks, bulk heads and other material.

There is a rendering picture below by Kimi Talvitie and another from @Fael097.

Videos by Felix Schlang at What About It