Tesla Battery Superiority and EV Dominant

In 2019, Tesla electric car production passed the combined electric car and plugin hybrid car of Chinese carmaker BYD. This made Tesla the world’s largest electric car maker.

Cathie Wood of Ark Invest reported that Tesla increased its share of the global market for electric cars from 17% to 18.5% in 2019.

Too Late for Solid State Batteries

Many other carmakers had hoped to leapfrog to Solid State batteries. They thought Solid State batteries would have twice the energy density compared to lithium-ion batteries and reach $100 per kWh of battery.

Tesla is on track to improve lithium-ion what other carmakers hope do solid state batteries will have.

23 thoughts on “Tesla Battery Superiority and EV Dominant”

  1. Agree. Somehow some folks believe they can get a $40k car for $10k. The BYD E-Seed GT looks pretty nifty….

  2. BYD claims their LiFe has 80% capacity retention out to 3,000 cycles, and 70% out to 10,000 cycles. And a 220 Wh/kg.
    See this link. doas.ga.gov › MS 6 BYD_Products_and_Services-Battery 3_MS_6

    And this doesn’t cover what they are currently working on.

    from a car perspective, I’ve never driven a BYD, but I think for most it will be tough to beat a Tesla (I drive the S), but for value, if I needed a small run-around town car, I would go for something much cheaper.

  3. There’s still a chance for nanoflowcell to break into the 5-minute charge/1,000km EV car space first: https://www.nanoflowcell.com/
    They simply replace the electrolyte instead of charging a battery.
    But boy, they’ve been in beta mode a long time, and fought a lawsuit over it too.

  4. That is only relevant if the 8k BYD is the same size as the Tesla. Say that the 8k BYD is a two seater then you have to wait until Tesla enters this segment to make a comparison…

  5. I prefer Tesla because I trust their quality more *and* because of self driving. Self driving is not a “bell” or “whistle”, it’s a profound good by itself. And you can add it years after having bought the car…

    I would also like that BYD was sold in Europe so that i had a choice though…

  6. Technology and innovation doesn’t sleep.

    I mentioned this to standard home building technology, and it snorted, rolled over and hid its head under the pillow. Snoring resumed.

  7. Yes, this $8.5k car doesn’t have all the nice features that a $35k Tesla has.
    And yes, I get that many people would rather pay more and get more.
    But the original lament was for a minimal car that could give 200 mile range for $10k. Well, there you are. It exists. People immediately start complaining that it doesn’t have self driving function.

  8. So you prefer the Tesla because it has more bells and whistles?
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it is directly contradicting Lol’s original request.

  9. If BYD is truly 8500 and the cheapest Tesla is 35k then that would make the Tesla 4x dearer than the BYD.

  10. It seems BYD i using iron phosphate technology, which has about half the gravimetric energy density compared to NMC lithium. Without proper managing for temperature and discharge, the iron technology will have more cycles (and higher discharge rate).

    Drawback is higher cost per kWh….

    So, Tesla has superior battery management technology that allows them to use NMC cells with a comparable number of cycles (i.e. 2000 cycles) to the iron phosphate battery lithium battery.

    Energy density: win Tesls
    Cycles: draw
    Cost: win Tesla

    It would seem that Tesla has better battery technology than BYD.

  11. What passes for a state of the art lithium battery today, February 2, 2020, will be utterly primitive and outdated in just a few years. Technology and innovation doesn’t sleep.

  12. As batteries become commodities range will be less of an issue and people will look to buy cars based on other characteristics (reliability, design, etc).

  13. I didn’t mean quality of the cars or brand. I meant battery tech. I that regard the surpass everyone (except some labs doing R&D)

  14. Tesla seems to have a higher quality than BYD, so I would prefer buying a small Tesla than a small BYD.

    This is indicated by the fact that that the residual value of tesla is about 60% whereas the value for BYD is about 50%. Not a huge difference, but a difference none the less.

    Also, a small (Tesla) car that after a (future) 7 kUSD SW upgrade has full self driving is much more attractive than one without this option…

  15. Right now they’re selling as many cars as they can make, so it’s sensible to sell cars with higher margins. The more they expand manufacturing, they lower they’ll go.

  16. Interesting. Can you back that up with something? For instance, how is the second hand value of their cars?

  17. This little critter of a car is ok if you need a small run-around town vehicle and can easily charge it. They make a lot nicer models, though. All this said, BYD has the best battery technology out there. Imho they are a battery tech company that happens to make cars. Miles ahead of Tesla. It wouldn’t surprise me if they return to just making the battery systems. The car making is an exercise in money-burning.

  18. BYD, the company mentioned as now being the second largest EV manufacturer, has just that.
    The BYD E1 has a range of 190 miles, sells for US$8500, and if it has a single bell or whistle not required by law I’ll be very surprised.

  19. I think it’s time Tesla made a model t that did 200 miles, had zero bells and whistles and cost 10k. Now that’s a car for the masses.

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