Tesla Made 2,625 Model 3s in China in January

NE-Times reports that Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory produced 2625 Model 3s in January, 2020. This had Tesla as the fifth largest electric car maker in January in China. There was a shutdown of the factory for coronavirus. Tesla is producing about 1000 cars per week.

The writer of this article, Brian Wang of Nextbigfuture, has shares in Tesla.

5 thoughts on “Tesla Made 2,625 Model 3s in China in January”

  1. There are only so many news stories about lab grown meat, robotic exoskeletons, military contracting ripoffs and life extension. And Elon stays pretty busy.
    Unfortunately, no one is trying to sell cold fusion to the government at the moment. Though motion without equal and opposite force is in full swing.
    I suppose he could get boring and talk about smartphone apps.

    He did miss the MAVERIC blended-wing demonstrator aircraft. Though, Boeing and NASA did almost the same thing several years back. https://www.nasa.gov/centers/langley/news/factsheets/FS-2003-11-81-LaRC.html

    There might be a blood test for Parkinson’s soon. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/02/200211104911.htm

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