World Battery Production

As of Dec 2019, the number of lithium ion battery megafactories in the pipeline has reached 115 plants. The world’s leading EV and battery manufacturer added a huge 564GWh of pipeline capacity in 2019 to a global total of 2068.3GWh or the equivalent of 40 million EVs by 2028.

In Jan 2019, Benchmark Minerals’ saw a Lithium-ion Battery Megafactory pipeline of 68 plants with a total capacity of 1.45TWh by 2028.

Europe’s planned 2018 lithium-ion cell battery capacity is now 348GWh.
China plans to add 564GWh by 2028 and has 88 of 115 lithium-ion battery megafactories in the pipeline to 2029.

Lithium ion battery demand has grown from a production base of 19GWh in 2010 to a production of 160GWh in 2019 from a capacity of 285GWh.

In 2019, LG Chem had the most lithium battery production capacity at over 50 GWh. LG Chem pis increasing EV battery production capacity to as much as 110GWh by the end of 2020. LG Chem plans to expand to at least 170GWh in 2024.

In December, 2019, LG Chem announced a 30 GWh gigafactory joint venture with GM.

Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) had over 40 GWh lithium battery production capacity.

Digitimes forecasts that Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) will have 137 GWh of battery production capacity in 2022.

Lithium-ion battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) is building a 14 GWh battery factory in Germany and it should be completed in 2022.

Panasonic is making about 35 GWh of batteries and will ramp up to 54 GWh of production.


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