California Shelters in Place and Maybe the Whole USA Next Week

California Governor Newsom has placed a shelter in place (stay at home) order for the entire state.

If there was no mitigation like the shelter in place then California was heading to 25 million infections.

The Washington Times reports that President Trump is considering grounding planes and a nationwide shelter in place next week if the models are still showing a trend to 5+ million cases in 2 months. There would not be a very accurate model of the actual cases. I presume they would be using a proxy related to how many hospitalizations and the growth in hospitalization. I think the 5 million cases would be 250,000 hospitalizations which means the medical system would be overwhelmed.

It clearly would have been a LOT better if the health system had been as on the ball as Taiwan or Vietnam. We will need to transition to targeted shelter in place, and widespread temperature monitoring and health checks and other hygiene measures like hourly hand cleaning.

We have to scale and harden the medical system in weeks and get the drugs to prevent most deaths.

SOURCES- California Government, The Hill, Washington Examiner
Written by Brian Wang,