Coronavirus Deaths and Cases Outside of China Passing China Totals

Coronavirus deaths outside of China are over 2000 and China has 3062 Coronovirus deaths. It seems that in one or two days the Coronavirus deaths outside of China will pass China levels. The official case count outside of China is passing the official case count in China.

The cases outside of China are still growing exponentially.

80,945 China
17,660 Italy
11,364 Iran
7,979 South Korea
5,232 Spain
3,675 Germany
3,667 France
2,028 US
Hubei China 3062 deaths, 114 other China deaths. Total China deaths 3176 
Italy 1266 deaths
Iran 514 deaths
Spain 133 deaths
France France 79 deaths
Korea, South 66 deaths
Washington US 37 deaths

SOURCES – John Hopkins Dashboard
Written By Brian Wang,