Coronavirus Official Case Counts – World 380,000, USA 43,000

The John Hopkins dashboard reports that the US has 42,817 official coronavirus cases and the world count is nearing 400,000. The Worldometers has an official coronavirus case count for the USA at 43,500. The Worldometers has US coronavirus deaths at 545.

The US has performed almost 300,000 coronavirus tests according to the COVID tracking project.

Two days ago USA had performed 182000 tests and had 25,000 confirmed cases.

There has been an average of 60,000 tests for each of the last two days. The 120,000 tests discovered 18,000 confirmed cases.

Projecting similar ramping in tests would mean 200,000 more tests in the USA over next 2 days. There would likely be 15,000-30,000 more confirmed cases. The next two days (Thursday. Friday) would see 400,000-800000 tests. This should discover another 20k-90k cases. 80K-150K infection count in the USA by Friday would be a rough projection.

New York now has nearly 80,000 tests and over 20,000 confirmed cases.

Italy’s coronavirus deaths have passed 6,000.

SOURCES- Worldometers, John Hopkins, Project COVID Tracker
Written By Brian Wang, Brian is working with a startup on Coronavirus mitigation