Coronavirus Patients Should Lie on Their Stomach and 500 Get Scuba Mask Ventilators

In Italy, 500 COVID-19 patients used ventilators made with scuba masks and a 3D printed connector.

One technique he said had yielded dramatic results was to have coronavirus patients lie on their stomach instead of on their back while on a ventilator. Oxygen level in the blood jumped by hundreds of percents.

In Padua, Italy the autoimmune medicine Tocilizumab has proven effective and there are positive results from the antiviral drug Remdesivir.

Sunday Morning Status in the World, New York and Italy

The global official count has passed 700,000.

At the end of Monday, the USA should have recorded 1 million coronavirus tests and the world will have recorded over 1 million official cases on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Italy has been on a plateau for new cases and should start seeing sharp declines in the days ahead.

SOURCES- John Hopkins, COvid tracking project, Worldometers, NY Times, Israeli Times
Written By Brian Wang,