Coronavirus Surging in Korea, Italy and Iran as China Schools Via TV

South Korea now has over 4000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and Italy is almost at 1700 and Iran is nearing 1000 confirmed cases.

Iran has 54 confirmed deaths, 34 in Italy and 26 in South Korea.

The reversal of confirmed cases with confirmed deaths in Iran would suggest that Iran and Italy are undercounting confirmed cases. Iran and Italy could have more actual cases of coronavirus than South Korea.

There is a lag in the diagnosis and confirmations of infections by up to two weeks.

China apparently was able to get some pretty good control on the spread of the virus. However, China has basically shutdown schools and businesses in the main province and other areas.

Children now have “returned to school”. However, they are going to school by watching 2.5 hours of locally broadcast classes every day. This means tune to channel XX for your daily schooling.

Japan has shutdown their schools for a month.

China has banned gatherings of more than five people at a time.

South Korea’s Catholic church to halt masses at more than 1,700 locations nationwide for the first time in its 236-year history. Buddhist temples also called off events, while major Christian churches held online services.

The leader of a religious sect in South Korea could face a homicide investigation over some of the coronavirus deaths. Prosecutors have been asked to charge Lee Man-hee, the founder of the Shincheonji church, and 11 others who are accused of hiding the names of some members as officials tried to track patients before the virus spread.

The Israeli national airline, El Al, is reportedly considering firing 1,000 out of its total workforce of about 6,000 because of losses linked to the coronavirus outbreak.

Airports like San Francisco International look far emptier than usual.

The security check-in at SFO had no line at 4pm yesterday. There were travelers but the halls looked nearly empty and the numbers of travelers required virtually no queuing at the security check-in.

SOURCES- John Hopkins Real-Time Coronavirus statistics, interviews, Wall Street Journal, Guardian UK, first-hand observation at SFO.
Written By Brian Wang,