Coronavirus World 340,000 and USA 32600 for Official Undercounts

Worldometers has the latest official undercounts of confirmed coronavirus cases.
Worldometers corrected the US count to 32,000 and John Hopkins also has 32644.

There are 14,611 official COVID-19 deaths globally.
The USA has 414 official COVID-19 deaths.

SOURCES – Worldometers, John Hopkins
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. I am betting that Joseph Biden will win the election because of the down economy and also the media will blame the COVID-19 levels on Trump. I wonder what it will be like to have an 80 year old president?

  2. So why did the PLA open up with lethal strikes against Iran and Italy?
    Accidentally put their cup of tea on the “I” key?

  3. What I worry about is just how rapidly the number grows on the rescue plan. Started out as 500B, then 1.5T, now it’s at 4T. Things are moving far faster than the feds can consume it. Biggest fear is if we start nationalizing companies with the promise the gov will sell them back to the market later, but that’s where we are headed. Look up Kondratieff cycle, specifically the picture in the link. Notice how the Autum portion fits us exactly. Get ready for winter. Gold, cash and bonds after the credit crunch hits.

  4. Japan does it if they are sick so they minimize getting other sick. Not the other way around. That may be changing, but traditionally it to be kind to others.

  5. Without evidence? You can’t prove a negative, but Doctors and reporters INSIDE CHINA are saying this. China has been burning bodies as quickly as they die so they can’t be tested for the virus. No body, no sicky sicky. And, China started out lying to their people and the world, why would they change course? Communism doesn’t want a black eye. Communists have always lied to appear to be something they aren’t. USSR anyone?

  6. It’s all about testing, remember lots of people get the common flu but its not reported. The more tests, the lower it goes. Lots of carriers with limited to no symptoms, but it is deadly at maybe 10% to those over 65 with a preexisting condition on the list and 15-20% for those over 80. Mortality drops pretty fast after that. My guess is it settles at 0.5-1% mortality (true rates will be determined by how widespread testing is) for the population as a whole based off the trend. Still much nastier than the common flu or even H1N1. I call it the Baby Boomer Plague. About 35% of the US population over 65 has one of the preexisting conditions that increase mortality, about 20-30 million people. A 20% infection rate over one year with 10-15% mortality, equals 400-600k dead in that age range alone, so much higher than the common flu at about 500-1000% higher mortality.

  7. The actual numbers for face masks that I’ve seen are that they reduce transmission by a factor of about 3.

    So if the “normal” R0 figure is about 2.7, this drops it to 0.9 at which point it falters and stops spreading.

    That figure of 3 does assume that you follow proper face mask protocol, have a fitting mask, keep it clean and regularly changed etc etc.

    And, as various people keep pointing out, it stops you from spreading to other people, so it’s a matter of everyone wearing them, not just protecting yourself.

    The anti-face-mask propaganda we’re currently hearing is designed to stop people from grabbing all the ones that medical/caring personnel need. As soon as stocks build up we’ll see the same “news” sources flop over to a pro-mask position without any clue as to why their credibility gets lower every day.

  8. Oh wow! Turns out I’ve been protecting myself from mail viruses all these years and I didn’t even know.

  9. I have been to China a few times. It is crowded, unless you stay at home and starve, I cannot see how they have eliminated it 100%. Most live in dense apartment blocks that are enclosed.

  10. Really? so the videos of their citizens on the net that have them saying exactly this are just “fake”?

  11. Now is the time for the US to lead the free world in fighting this disease. The best strategy would be to start a relentless bombing campaign in Iran. That’ll learn the COVID19 not to mess with ‘murica!

  12. I’ve been intermittently keeping track of confirmed infections vs. deceased. In the US, it’s down to 1.18%

    11606 – 154 – 1.327
    35481 – 465 – 1.311
    39620 – 473 – 1.194
    41268 – 486 – 1.178

    We’ll see which way the percentage goes, but I’m glad to see it going down instead of up…

  13. face masks might work not because they filter out the virus but because they prevent you from touching your face….

  14. I wonder about this as well. You see the street scenes from places like Tokyo, where everyone is packed in tight on the subways but everyone is wearing a mask. In spite of Tokyo being one of the biggest and most dense cities in the world, the situation is not remotely as bad as NYC.

  15. People keep saying this–completely without evidence. Is Japan lying too? The truth is the numbers from China are reminiscent of the numbers from other East Asian countries like S. Korea, Singapore, and Japan where they have gotten the situation largely under control.

  16. It’s not giving up to let it burn out by starving the virus of new hosts – it’s pretty sensible, so long as you can weather the economic consequences that come after.

    Given their cities population density it is a wonder they arrested momentum as fast as this, though Italy and France’s new cases have similarly begun to level out, as has S Korea’s somewhat earlier.

  17. No I have traveled China and even with the shutdowns the dense residential areas they occupy make me believe that they have given up and are just hoping it burns out.

  18. The Chinese PLA conspiracy…. really nobody is infected in China… and it’s all just a Chinese media hoax to coverup the biological warfare virus bomb released in the United States…

  19. it’s easier for Chinese government to block people from traveling in China…. all they do is shutdown the train stations and public transportation.. and because most people don’t have cars… they are stuck at home….The other difference is that groceries are easily found within walking distance of maybe a few blocks walking on foot… compared to Americans that need to drive to a more centralized location… Still if they opened up stores and public transportation like normal … people In China rub together like sardines in a can… in that case it should spread like wildfire… I don’t think it’s really possible to social distance in a store in China…

  20. Any number out of China is a lie. They just stopped testing, and treatment and let everyone fend for themselves.

  21. If you have an object you believe is infected, put it in the sun, while dry for a few hours. UV light kills it. Flip once, repeat. Then cover your hands in 90%+ isopropyl after the first time you handle the object.

  22. All the tests on cardboard involve indoor environments, I have never seen one where it is tested with the cardboard exposed to the sun for an hour or more. In the sun its exposed to UV light, it can survive a bit, but will get killed pretty quick. All viruses are this way, they hate UV light. Sunlight contains quite a bit of UV rays.

  23. Step 1: Pass multi-trillion dollar stimulus bill
    Step 2: Announce simple yet effective drug treatment
    Step 3: Economy goes crazy good
    Step 4: Virus dies
    Step 5: Trump 2020-2024

  24. Coronavirus can live on cardboard for a day. Best practice would be to bring it in, put it somewhere isolated (e.g. garage), wash hands thoroughly, and to open the package two days later.

    At my house we are isolating for 3-4 days, mostly out of laziness.

  25. That isn’t possible. I was told yesterday by the news that the drug cocktail was nothing but false hope promoted by President Trump.

  26. Word of advise, if receiving a package or mail, take said items and place in direct sunlight for 2 min hours. Flip give it another hour. That should kill anything on it.

  27. That Korean acror that caught it (Daniel dae Kim) was apparently on that combo, and says he is on the mend according to his Instagram

  28. I think a correction was made in the New York figure. It did say 12,345, but now it says 5,429. So the US new case number is 8,138. Mistake? Hack? Who knows.

  29. People are looking at newly infected and dead for estetimating mortalty rates.
    This is skewed. Each day there is higher ammount of new cases, and they don’t die right away.

    If you look at closed cases at the end there is 13 percent morality rate and rising. 87 percent are discharged as recovered and 13 percent are dead. Closed cases are much more realistic estimate of actual mortality rate because they take much longer period into consideration without influx of new cases. But they don’t count people who have mild symtoms and are undetected. Closed cases mortality rate is 13 percent folks!!!!

  30. I am actually cautiously encouraged by the numbers from France and Germany. I might be that their rate of infection is already plateauing.

    The right way to look at an epidemic is that of a wave rather than of an ever growing explosion when you plot it on a graph. The more blocks you put in front of that wave, the smaller it is.

    As more people get infected more people develop antibodies as they heal and getting exposed without getting infected, thus is become harder for the epidemic continue growing till a natural barrier is created that the epidemic cannot get through.

    Add to that all the impediments we are consciously adding. It slows the growth of the epidemic but also of that of the natural barrier, but all in all the result is a smaller number of infections.

    A reptilian mind focused people see only one side of things.

    Scroll the links below to see the daily infection rates of France and Germany.

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